Better Life Products Launch Dietary Supplement With the Power of Ginseng in the U.S., a boutique health and wellness website, now carries G Five for Men.

“We are delighted that our customers can find G Five for Men on It’s exciting that another fine health and wellness site is now offering G Five,” said Steve Cullen, CEO of BLP, Better Life Products Ltd, the developer of G Five supplements. “G Five begins a new era for men’s health and overall vigor. We have a product that can help millions of men.”

G Five, which contains the well-documented power of the Ginseng extract, is a health supplement men for men who want to live a confident and energetic lifestyle. Ginseng is a traditional medicinal root that has been used in Asian and North American cultures for hundreds of years. G Five has developed a process to optimize the benefits of Ginseng.

Both WebMD and list several potential health benefits of Ginseng, including increased focus, energy, potency, and a reduction in inflammation.

“Consumers have been searching for dietary supplements in record numbers to give themselves a health advantage,” Cullen said. “G Five is a natural supplement for men who want to live life to its fullest. Our formula uses the best ingredients in the correct ratio and an innovative processing method. This is what separates G Five from other products on the market.”

“We developed a manufacturing method that enables the body to absorb the nutrients faster,” Cullen added. “The quicker the body absorbs the ingredients, the faster you receive the benefits of G Five.”

Cullen gives credit to BLP’s team of experienced pharmacists, who developed G Five and G Five Menopause, which will be launched later this year.

“Our research and development team brought a wealth of knowledge and skill to our production process, which unleashed the power of Ginseng,” he said. “Our team has more than 15 years of experience in product development, especially with dietary supplements.”

Cullen also wants consumers to know that BLP is a socially-responsible company.

“We donate one percent of BLP’s profit each month to the World Wildlife Fund Rhino Project,” Cullen said. “As the manufacturer of a product that benefits men’s health and vigor, we support a charity that helps rhinos, who have been killed for decades due to the mad idea that their horn can deliver potency.”

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About BLP

Everything BLP stands for is in our first product – G Five. The belief is that nature has provided the human body with everything it needs. The philosophy of living our life the best we can. The knowledge of how Ginseng brings this to light better than ever before. Based on Ginseng and a new production method, G Five helps men change their lives by releasing the power in them.