Ismaili Muslims in Canada and around the world celebrate Imamat Day today.

OTTAWA, July 11, 2021

Today, Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims from Canada and around the world will celebrate Imamat Day, marking the 64th anniversary of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV becoming the 49th hereditary Imam and spiritual leader of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims. His Highness succeeded his grandfather, the Aga Khan III, on July 11, 1957.

As a great humanitarian and philanthropist, the Aga Khan has worked tirelessly to help developing nations through the Aga Khan Development Network that he founded and leads. The Aga Khan has dedicated his life to promoting pluralism and peace around the world. These fundamental values of global solidarity and mutual aid are values that Canadians hold dear, and are practiced throughout Ismaili communities in Canada.

We are proud that the Aga Khan is an honorary Canadian citizen who has made many important contributions to Canada, particularly through the Ismaili centres in Burnaby and Toronto, the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, the Aga Khan Garden in Edmonton, and the Global Centre for Pluralism in Ottawa, a symbol of the fruitful partnership between Canada and His Highness. Today, we acknowledge the commitment and dedicated work of the Global Centre for Pluralism to ensure that humanitarian assistance reaches developing countries around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roughly 100,000 Ismailis, who first arrived from Uganda in the 1970s, are proud to call Canada home. Imamat Day, also known as Khushiali, provides an opportunity for all Canadians to learn more about the contributions of the Ismaili community to Canadian society. Unfortunately, Islamophobia is a daily reality for Muslim communities here and abroad. It is our responsibility to speak out against the hatred that fuels Islamophobia and to fight racism and discrimination so that we can build a Canada that is consciously more inclusive for everyone.

As Minister of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth, I extend my best wishes to His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV and to the Ismaili Muslims across Canada who are celebrating Imamat Day today.

Khushiali Mubarak!

Aidan Strickland

Press Secretary

Office of the Minister of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth