In recognition of  Mental Health Awareness Month, BLACKBiz is kicking off an intimate and often taboo discussion surrounding the intersection of mental health and the Black experience. This important discussion will take place on May 22nd, from 3:00 – 5:00 pm EST via virtual Webinar. All interested parties can register at 

“As part of our mission, we are inviting these conversations to unveil and heal,by  removing the cultural stigma of personal weakness,” BLACKBiz co-founder Gina Diggs said, “this event seeks to address the importance of self-care, support resiliency, and promote resources and tools that lead to strength and well-being.”  

There will also be an exclusive interview with hip hop legend and icon Doug E. Fresh.

Doug E. Fresh has been a longtime advocate in the Mental Health and Emotional Wellness space and an honorary board member of Hip Hop Public Health- whose mission is to deliver a positive health message through music, art, and science. 

The panel will consist of various experts in their respective fields pertaining to mental and emotional wellness in the Black community. The intent is to overcome and neutralize the Black cultural stigma and emphasize that showing weakness is not a character flaw.

The BLACKBiz Foundation (  is a 501(c)(3) and is chartered to address the need for economic empowerment within underserved communities. BLACKBiz helps Black-owned businesses grow and scale by providing access to capital, business expansion resources and digital exposure utilizing their custom-designed digital platform launching in June. We know if Black-owned businesses flourish, so will the communities  they serve.  BLACKBiz strongly believes there is power in collective collaboration, as their motto suggests: “TOGETHER WE ARE THE ANSWER!”

About the FYREchat panelists 

Shane P. Teran is an organizational Development Psychologist, and founder of SP Consulting Group. The minority-owned Executive Coaching, Organizational Development Consulting, and Mental Wellness company focuses on individual leaders and leading organizations seeking optimal health and well-being to the workspace, organizational culture, and personal endeavors. 

Gregory Coleman is CEO of Sworkit, a company dedicated to educating people worldwide on achieving their fitness goals using the company’s award-winning and internationally recognized connected fitness platform.

Trei Bethel, Director & Founder of Distinguished Kings, a nonprofit organization that discovers underlying unnoticed men between the ages of 13-60-focusing on business, family, community, and education.

Mark Fisher, of the Mark Fisher Focus, teaches essential leadership principles as well as helps his audiences pinpoint the origins of stored up mental clutter causing possibility blindness. 

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