For marriages made in heaven, it is only fitting that the day is made special with heavenly Theme Wedding Decorations to have the memories etched beautifully in the minds and hearts of all celebrants and captured fresh in the pictures.
The Best Flower Decorators In Chennai can help you get the most out of your decor budget with these traditional yet trendy themes that play on conventional Indian wedding aesthetics while also keeping them tastefully contemporary.
A Burst Of Color
A variegated color scheme is a favorite for pre-wedding functions like mehendi and sangeet. The theme taps into ethnic decorative elements of local and cultural significance in an eclectic fusion to create layouts that speak of joy and ardor. Chunky and exuberant, colorful additions of parasols, mirror work, conch shells, bangles, tinted glass, tassels, tokris, pinwheels and puppet dolls come together to lend novelty to the decor while transforming the venue into a fun playground.
Marigold Extravaganza
As telltale desi wedding flowers, marigolds hold a sacred place in marriage ceremonies. Also budget-friendly, versatile and available in quite a few lovely shades, they make for gorgeous Flower Decorations, most suited for a day event. These balls of sunshine can be strung together along with sober white drapes for a rustic setup or fashioned into more flamboyant adornments like curtains of garlands, floral pomanders and floral rangoli to dress up every nook and corner of the wedding venue vibrantly.
Fresh marigold blooms are a favorite for the haldi ceremony. These floral festoons can easily be laced into the greenery of an outdoor venue for an instant splash of color.
Honeyed Dew Drops
Elegant and timeless, classic bridal blossoms like the velvety lotus and dainty jasmine are a stellar combination. They blend together harmoniously and their delicate, pearlescent appearances make for stunning day Wedding Decorations For Chennai. Strung together and pendent like dew drops, lotus blooms are captivating for overhead adornments for entrances, pathways and mandaps.
Clusters of jasmine can similarly be woven into a rustic tapestry for mandap stage backdrops, looking both elegant and understated to allow for other embellishments to shine through.
Genie In A Magic Lamp
Invite the stars as well on your special day with such glimmering themed decorations. The idea is to bask in the true spirit of a desi wedding- all pomp and glitter included. Opt for satiny drapes, opulent crystal chandeliers and balance out the modern elements with equal parts of golden streamers, sequined embellishments and oil lamps.
There are a variety of ornate lanterns available nowadays, those with golden filigree, painted glass cases, etc. that can be placed down on the floor, hung up or even made to float if the venue has a pool or a pond.
Peacocks Dancing In The Rain
The key to this theme is a liveral use of the rich, intense classic blue color- blended with white and gold for a royal wedding look. While the pairing of fresh white and blooms is eye-catching for a bright day look, the latter teaming up of blue with gold spells out magnificence. Blue and golden drapes make the most spellbinding of combinations and can be embellished with crystal adornments for stage decorations that are a delight to look at.
This color scheme is especially suited for a Wedding Reception Party wherein you want the best of both worlds- upscale glam and traditional charm.
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