Managing your sinus problems can be challenging without the assistance of qualified physicians. From common sinus and nasal issues to complicated issues involving sinus surgery, nothing short of the best medical intervention can help. We provide a wide range of treatment option to manage, the nasal, sinus, and allergy problems and the best care to our patients.
The onset of sinus and nasal problems can bring a lot of suffering for people. Besides, the complex sinus and nasal issues, such as chronic sinusitis, breathing problems, and allergic rhinitis add to the issues. However, the issues can improve significantly with surgical and medical intervention. Many patients can get treatment in an outpatient facility while the rest may need surgery to evade the issues. Patients can live healthily for decades when they seek proper medical treatment from the best sinus doctor in a reputed clinic.
Sinus Institute of Southwest Florida is one of those eminent medical facilities where patients can get the best remedies for sinus, allergy, and nasal issues. From non-surgical options, sinus surgery, allergy testing, immunotherapy to alternative medical solutions, you can get proper treatment and support from this treatment center. The clinic is specially equipped to offer nasal implant surgery for patients with chronic nasal and sinus issues.
Here are the services to get in this clinic.
• Balloon Sinuplasty
• Septoplasty
• Latera
• Medical management
• Allergy Treatment
• CT scan
• Sinus surgery
• Functional rhinoplasty
If you are not a sufferer of sinusitis but experiencing nasal issues and breathing trouble, we combine the turbinate reduction method with rhinoplasty, sinus surgery, and septoplasty for improving airflow. The procedure involves the reduction of the size of the turbinates and moves them away from the septum to boost the breathing process.
Qualified medical team
The nasal and sinus issues that turn critical require surgical intervention. The surgeons of Sinus Institute of Southwest Florida are qualified and have knowledge of the latest techniques to take nasal and sinus surgeries to a new level. Each of these techniques is customized to address the problems of patients.
Treatment procedure
We follow a cohesive approach to treat our patients and follow procedures for critical and general cases. The patients can take our survey to understand which procedure is suitable for them based on their symptoms. We provide a questionnaire to patients to garner information about their sinus issues. The patients can fix appointments to avail our treatments and we also have time for patients who require urgent medical intervention. Contact us today to learn more about our treatments and evade the symptoms with the latest treatment procedures.

Contact Details:
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Address: 7531, 39 Barkley Cir, Fort Myers, FL 33907, United States
Phone: +1 239-936-1616