5 Best ways to choose the right domain name for your business
Online business is the need of every business nowadays. When you start an online business, you need to develop a website so that all your viewers, customers or audience can easily find your company using the internet. But how? What’s the address of your website? The URL address that the viewers can use to search your business on search engines is known as a domain name.
The domain name is very important for the online business because it’s the identity of the business website. Therefore, we have to share the five best ways to choose the right domain name for your business. Here we go!
Choose Easy and a Memorable Domain Name
Humans have limited memory, so it’s necessary to use a specific and easy domain name. The names that are eye-catchy and memorable should be preferred. Moreover, use correct spelling and avoid hyphens or symbols because the customer may forget it and move towards any other website. Make a list of domain names and then ask your friends for suggestions. You should also prefer the name that is easy to share verbally.
About 80% of the audience uses mobile to access website business. Therefore, your website, as well as the domain name, should be mobile friendly. For this purpose, try to use the domain that can easily be typed on a mobile phone. For example, happy/home.com is difficult to type as compared to happyhome.com because the user needs to go to the hyphen section for typing “/.”
Suitable Extension
The domain extension is the last part of the website URL. Such as .com, .in, .ca, .net, etc. The extension should be appropriate and relatable to the online business because it is vital for SEO as well as your business. You should use a local extension for local business and international extension for global businesses. A suitable extension will help the target audience reach you. Moreover, choose a domain extension that resembles your business such as .info is for information sites, .org is for organizations, .me is for blogs etc. Make the right choice.
Domain name generators
Many domain generators are available in the market. You can choose one easily using domain finding tools, such as DomainWheel, NameMesh, Bust a Name, and many more. Just find a nice and easy to remember domain name and start your business.
Brandable Domain
Go for a brandable domain name as many people pick the products related to brands. For this purpose, you can choose a name that is simple and buy a domain name in other extensions as well as misspelled domain names to avoid competition. You can also use a keyword in the domain name to rank your website in search engines.
The domain name is still important for online business, SEO, competition, and ranking. Therefore, always buy a domain name from a trustworthy registrar. Lock the domain name and also protect the ID. Consider all the methods mentioned above before selecting a domain name for your online business.