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Living in today’s world where having a business without its existence on the web sounds like we are talking about the Stone Age. Somehow, to make your company appear on the web you need some web page or website. Not just a website, what you need is a website with a good domain. So, what exactly is a domain name? Why is it so important? And how can it decide the fate of your business? You will find the answers as you read ahead.


The domain is the name of your web page or website, your web ID. If I write it in simple language I will say the domain is the residential address of your website on the internet. People will type your domain name in their search bars and your website will appear as a result.

A domain name can be in numbers or letters or any combination you like, but it should be catchy and easy for people to access. A complete domain name is completed with extensions like .net, .info, .co, .com. etc.
Furthermore, you need to make sure that the domain name you buy is registered and is unique. This means that two web pages cannot have the same domains, just like two houses cannot have the same address.

One great thing is that some hosting companies offer free domain registration if you opt for their package to host your website. Whereas, sometimes you need to buy a domain separately and pay for the hosting too. So, choose wisely and select economical packages.

IMPORTANT: choose the correct domain name to make your business grow. What I mean to say is, spend time while you are deciding your website domain, because it represents your brand. Correct representation means business growth and popularity.


Your domain name affects your business majorly. Precisely, having an appropriate domain attracts more traffic. Thus, more people visit your website which in turn brings more business. This makes your network strong and more people connect to it.

A vast number of domain names are registered daily with the growing trend of the e-commerce business. Thus, the selection of a domain has become critical. You need to use all your creative skills so that your domain name is not just catchy but it can compete and stand out among all the others out there.

Your domain name needs to have an appropriate extension. I’d suggest “.com” because it’s the safest, most trending and can never be wrong.
Try your best to set a domain name that is the same as you’re the brand name of your business so people get an idea of what your website is about. Furthermore, this makes your domain SEO friendly, people will type the keyword and your page will pop on their screens. Thus, increasing your ranking.
A perfect domain name increases the value of your business. It helps to improve your online and offline credibility.

IN CONCLUSION, do not hesitate to spend your time and money while choosing a domain name because it protects your brand and makes you stand in the market.