If you have decided to buy a new fiber laser machine, several crucial factors should be considered before contacting fiber laser manufacturers in your area. The fiber laser cutting application is different from any of the other fabricating shops, so you do not need the same system for your laser cutting needs. The following are some factors that you should consider when purchasing a new or used fiber laser system.

You want to cut what?: Deciding what you are going to cut is one of the most key factors when deciding on a fiber cutting system. The quality of material determines if it can be cut or not or whether it can be handled by a laser system. If you are thinking of cutting steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, then they all fit the parameters of a fiber laser system. The capacity of a fiber laser cutting system can help you with different machine ranges.

How much material can be cut using a fiber laser cutting machine?: The material thickness is the second most crucial factor that you need to consider. Can the material be cut? And how much power is required to cut it? Again, the more powerful fiber laser marking machine you buy, the more expensive your investment will be, and the more for maintenance costs as well. So, you must pay special attention to the power of the machine you are buying.

What size do you want to cut?: The manufacturers offer 5’10’ and bigger parts, however, there are several affordable and very compact systems that you can buy that fit the sheet size you want. Also, most of them opt for space-saving designs while saving thousands on their investment costs.

How much is your production rate? : You need to make sure that you have a system that is fulfilling the production rate you want. For more information regarding fiber laser systems, please visit www.jimani-inc.com for further details.

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