It is fascinating to watch an industrial laser marking machine in the action of cutting material. The operator removes it so quickly, that it often looks more like an inkjet printer than a metal cutting machine. Therefore, it helps you achieve maximum profits in a limited time.

The technological advancements in machine designing and technology enable fiber lasers to work at an amazing speed at 10,000rpm or more. But besides speed, the overall productivity depends on other factors as well. If your machine has pool dynamics or if it is underpowered, this will hamper its productivity. If your sheet exchange is slow and your machine is sitting idle for several hours, then your productivity will also be less.

There are three key considerations that make up a fiber laser cutting or laser etching machine. These include:

Laser Power: The machines of today can reach a power of 15kW easily but that has not always been the case. For a long time, machines were struggling with 6kW power only. So, the power levels are incredibly more powerful now. Fiber laser welding systems can exceed 100kW, meaning that power is no longer holding us back.

Manufacturers who have studied fiber delivery, optical purity, and optical contamination know how to reach exceeding powers which results in high production.

Motion Dynamics: These include three main things, maximum rapid traverse speed, maximum cut path speed, and acceleration. If you have a thick material for cutting, you will need a fast machine. So, manufacturers will have to prepare machines that match the exceeding expectations of the users. The speed that you need from a fiber laser machine depends on the material that has to be cut.

Material Exchange: Modern fiber lasers burn through sheets or plates quickly, so you do not have to waste any time loading a fresh sheet. High production applications require automation which is beyond that of a laser pallet changer. So, look for the best material handling automation machines and contact Jimani, Inc for all your laser marking needs!

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