Singapore, May 21, 2020 – Stream Peak’s protective packaging materials have been an essential link in the logistics network for over 45 years. The Singapore-based company has made it possible for businesses to get their products into the world safely and conveniently. Known for quality product packaging supplies, Stream Peak is committed to improve and protect the supply chain and reduce waste consistently.

“We have a long history of working with a wide range of clients; some of the industries we serve include aerospace, food, retail, logistics, electronics, pharmaceutical, engineering, and refinery. From a full range of desiccant bags, ice gel packs and container desiccants to impact labels, dunnage bags and container lashing load securing solutions, we have more than 200 products to serve all types of packing and transportation requirements. Our product range varies from bubble wrap air pillows and reinforced aluminium foil tape to ethylene absorbers and oxygen absorbers on the other end of the spectrum,” says a spokesperson for Stream Peak. The company also provides customized solutions for forklift monitoring systems under workplace safety and automatic packaging machines.

The Stream Peak team includes over 100 employees in over 5 countries and has an in house quality assurance lab to ensure quality and safety for its products. The company is also committed to environmental sustenance; they help improve electricity and paper wastage by reducing consumption and focussing on eco-friendly packaging supplies. “At the end of it all, we have only one aim – to keep goods safe and avoid unnecessary loss from damaged goods so that our clients have one less worry to take care of,” adds the spokesperson.

About Stream Peak International:

Stream Peak International is dedicated to providing professional protective packaging materials and product packaging solutions to clients across the world. Our products help prevent damage from moisture, gas, impact, temperature, and corrosion during transit and storage. Some of the industries we serve include electronics, logistics, food, healthcare, defence, aerospace, and automobile.

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