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Rabi Crops Sowing area increases by 35.9 Lakh Hectare

As per preliminary reports received from the States, the total area sown under Rabi crops as on 27th December, 2019 stands at 571.84 lakh hectares as compared to 536.35 lakh hectare for corresponding period last year. The progress in Rabi sowing has picked up significantly with the improvement of soil moisture in almost all Rabi growing states.

Wheat has been sown/transplanted in 297.02 lakh hectares, rice in 13.90 lakh hectares, pulses in 140.13 lakh hectares, coarse cereals in 46.66 lakh hectares and area sown under oilseeds is 74.12 lakh hectares.

The area sown so far and that sown during last year this time is as follows:

(Area in lakh hectare)


Area Sown in 2019-20

Area Sown in 2018-19










Coarse cereals






Total Crops



LSoft Technologies presents Active@ KillDisk 12

October 11, 2019; LSoft Technologies, one of the world’s industry leaders in data recovery and secure erasure solutions, is proud to announce the release of version 12 of Active@ KillDisk. This secure data erasure software ships with the latest version of Active@ Boot Disk, which has been upgraded to WinPE based on Windows 10 build 1903. It also offers improved support for SATA and PCI-Express NVMe M.2 solid state drives, and the boot disk creator application has been overhauled. Active@ KillDisk 12 also features better disk serial number detection, including for USB disks, improved stability when working with failing or damaged drives, and customizable sound notifications for completed jobs. The certificates and reporting have also been redesigned to offer a better user experience and allow you to print customizable labels with essential compliance information about the disks erased.

Why do you need Active@ KillDisk?

Most people assume that emptying the recycle bin, formatting a drive, or resetting a device to factory defaults is final. After all, the operating system will warn you that any such action will result in the complete loss of all data on the drive or device. Only that’s not really the case, since the only thing that changes is the entry in the master file table, which is deleted to make the previously occupied disk space available to other file copy or creation operations. But until something physically overwrites the original data, anyone can use data recovery software to get it back. If you’re selling or donating an old computer, that’s probably not something you want to happen! For business users, which often hold a treasure trove of valuable personal and financial information, it’s critical that you have a documented process for securely erasing retired storage devices. That’s exactly where Active@ KillDisk 12 comes in. Get started today by visiting

LSoft Technologies launches Active@ Boot Disk 15

October 18, 2019: LSoft Technologies, an industry leader in data recovery and disk management utilities, is proud to announce the release of Active@ Boot Disk version 15. The latest version features updated editions of all the core tools: Disk Image 9.5, KillDisk 12, File Recovery 19, Partition Recovery 19, and Password Changer 10. This is everything you need to repair and diagnose your PC as well as recover lost data or securely erase data so that no prying eyes will ever be able to get their hands on it. Other improvements in this edition include a redesigned boot disk creator, better support for USB initialization and full support for SATA and PCI-E NVMe M.2 solid state drives. Moreover, the recovery environment has been updated and is now based on Windows 10 build 1903.

Computer refuses to boot? No problem

Active@ Boot Disk works in its own operating environment, which means you can run it from a bootable optical disk or USB drive even if there’s no working operating system installed on your computer. The included recovery and erasure tools are also compatible with a wide range of file systems, including those natively supported by Windows, Linux and macOS. You can also use file masks to search for recoverable files of specific types, and more formats are being supported all the time. If your computer refuses to boot, or you want to maximize your chances of successfully recovering data from the primary system drive, then having a portable operating system like the one provided in Active@ Boot Disk will prove invaluable. To make things easier, and to prevent the need to learn how to use a whole new operating system, Active@ Boot Disk features a WinPE recovery environment with the same familiar interface of Windows 10.

Take a look at to download the program today and fix your computer.

Indian Railways introduces New Passenger friendly Information System at Anakapalle Station in Vijayawada Division

Indian Railways introduced a new Passenger Information System at Anakapalle Railway Station of Vijayawada Division in South Central Railway. The Passenger Information system comprises both ‽At a Glance Display Board” (which gives a glance of the status of various train timings at the Station) and ‽Coach Guidance Display Board” (which provides the Coach Composition position of a train). The objective of this application is to provide better features and easy guidance to the passengers and thereby providing satisfactory user experience.

In the new Passenger Information System provided at Anakapalle Station, new technology has been adopted by which the estimated arrival of the trains at the station is taken based on the real time location of the trains. This is done by taking continuously updated data sourced automatically from the Centralized Railway Information System (CRIS) server from time to time. The system provides automated display information about the trains expected at the station in the next two hours in Trilingual form i.e. Telugu, English and Hindi.

In addition, the system also provides facility for operator to modify the data instantly in case of any emergencies. The cost of the equipment is Rs 10 lakhs including supply, installation, commissioning and onsite warranty of 3 years.  

At a Glance Display boards are single faced with Ultra HD LED commercial grade Monitor and generally installed at the entrance of the station. They consist of 3 to 5 lines and are used for displaying information of upcoming trains at the station.  A passenger on arrival at the station can identify the trains reaching the station in next two hours from the display and he also gets information of Arrival/Departure time of particular train number/name, expected time of arrival, location of his coach from engine based on Up direction or Down direction. This system also provides crucial information to passenger about direction of train running to enable him reach his coach easily.  Passenger can identify the train direction, train engine location, coach position easily as the entire train composition is depicted in graphical way. Further he can identify the time of arrival/expected time, his coach number, his train number and train name.

Coach Guidance display boards are small boards having face on both sides. They are overhung on the platforms to indicate the coach position of the trains. Coach numbers of the train from the engine, general, sleeper, AC and other coaches are displayed according to the placement of particular coaches. This information is displayed after announcement and before arrival of the train.

Apart from providing better guidance to rail users about running of trains, coach position and platform number, this new system can also be used for displaying additional information for traveling public about various amenities available at the station and about their location on the platform.