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PureVPN presents a way to browse the internet freely, anonymously and with complete privacy. It provides access to an extensive range of handpicked VPN servers around the world, allowing you to preserve your fundamental right to use the internet without restrictions or being constantly tracked by advertisers and data brokers. It’s exceptionally easy to use, and the controls are self-explanatory even to those who have never used a VPN. It runs in the background unobtrusively to offer optimal performance and let you get down to surfing the web without any unnecessary interruptions.

Enjoy unrivalled online freedom

If you’ve ever trying to use the internet while abroad, you’ve probably noticed how many popular websites automatically default to the language of that country. Even more inconveniently, many popular online services like Netflix or Amazon Prime will refuse to work due to restrictive international licensing laws. If you don’t like the idea of having your entire online experience dictated solely by your geographical location, then connecting via PureVPN gives you a way to shed those chains. By letting you choose from VPN servers located in many countries across North America, Europe and elsewhere in the world, you can access the internet from an IP address belonging to the VPN server you connect through. This will make websites and online services think you’re connecting from the country where the VPN server is located, while also allowing you to browse in complete anonymity. Get started today at .

About PureVPN

PureVPN started in November 2006 as an experimental service providing online security against data sniffers. It also targeted regions where the Internet was censored and access to websites and various internet services was restricted. From the very beginning, PureVPN has focused on quality, freedom and choice of connectivity. Needless to say, there are locations where Expats love to stream online TV from abroad no matter what country they live in. Some customers that specialize in marketing and SEO love using multiple locations for effectiveness of their campaigns. Online gamers want to access multi-player and discrete games restricted by Geo location and other countless uses.