Laravel Development, for web applications have some important tools and it also provides an architecture of elegant applications that help for designing web applications. Laravel has all the important characteristics which we can find in similar frameworks like ASP.NET MVC, Rudy on Rails, Codeigniter, etc.

In Nodejs Development , It is one of the most popular server-side platforms which is created on Chrom’s Javascript runtime libraries. The invention of NodeJS was done by Ryan Dahl in the year 2009.

He was used Google Chrom’s Javascript engine (V8 engine). With the help of NodeJS, the developers can easily build cross-platform, server-side, networking applications.

1.Some General Features of both Platforms:

Laravel is a PHP MVC framework. Laravel follow NodeJS in terms of market share while Node JS is a javascript runtime engine that is a market leader in terms of technology and nowadays it is rolling the market under the top 10k websites.

2.IO model features:

Laravel is just a PHP framework and it doesn’t have an IO model. And when we talking about NodeJS it has a characteristic of lightweight and efficient because it uses nonblocking, event-driven IO model.

3.Compatibility with other Applications:

Laravel is a perfect framework for applications like MYSQL and Maria DB.
The intention of creating NodeJS is to work with express JS and it is perfect for applications like MongoDB/MongooseJS.

4.Templates and Library Section:

The use of templates under the Laravel framework provides a simple layout with distinctive sanctions on the other hand NodeJS does not prefer the facility of templating that’s way templating is achieved through a third party. Larvel also provides the well integration feature for the front end view library. But there is no such features for integration are available in the Node’s

5.Specified Working Area of both platforms:

The scope and uses of Larave are enhancing under the area of Business and Industry, Carer and Education, Shopping and 95 other categories. While NodeJS provides the mass coverage under the categories of Entertainment and Arts, Electronics and Computers, Auto and vehicles, Internet and Telecom.


Laravel has its security framework to look after web application security and there are no third parties tools which will be helpful to give additional functionality to Laravel. While NodeJS is fully dependent on the Bcrypt hashing algorithm it also uses third-party tools for security.


Based on above-shared details, we can conclude that Laravel should prefer those people who require a full-fledged framework on the objective of managing large CMS based website.
And if your need is to achieve a lightweight, service-based, architecture you should prefer NodeJS.