Little Rock man Dean Allen Goodson has a reputation in his community as a compassionate person who cares about others. Mostly, though, he is known for the exceptional services provided by his company, Giraffe Tree Service.
Giraffe Tree Service has been in operation for over two decades, and it has earned an excellent reputation for serving residents in and around Little Rock, Arkansas, in all things tree care. The company offers 24-hour emergency care, seven days per week, and Mr. Dean Goodson is always happy to respond when his community needs him.
Storm Damage Assistance
Spring of 2019 has not been gentle to Little Rock, Arkansas, or any of the surrounding areas in Pulaski County. Dean Allen Goodson and his team at Giraffe Tree Service had their hands full as round after round of showers and thunderstorms left clients with broken branches, fallen trees, flooding, and more.
When trees were downed in the city streets, 50-year-old Little Rock man Dean Allen Goodson was there to help. He appeared on the local channel 16 news with his team doing storm damage assistance so residents could return to daily life.
True to his nature, Mr. Goodson didn’t seek any time in front of the camera talking about himself. Instead, he kept his head down so he could focus on the work at hand.
Dean Allen Goodson is Always Ready for Storm Season
Arkansas had experienced seven months of above-average precipitation before March of 2019, which proved dryer than usual. Mr. Goodson wasn’t fooled, though, and he was ready for storm season to hit hard. Alongside his certified team, he braced for anything and responded to every client call as quickly as he could.
Throughout April of 2019, most of the severe weather centered on Southern Arkansas, and the state saw two tornadoes. When the flooding and high winds caused damage on the 14th, Mr. Dean Allen Goodson and his team were there for their community.
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