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The Pulse Center introduces a listening therapy or APP (Audio-Psycho Phonology) program designed for children which is akin to creative listening therapy. While it is effectively used on all ages, Hanshini Boolaky the Medical Director of Pulse Center wants to focus on its benefits on children with speech delays in Dubai.

It is a program that comes from Germany with headphones used during therapy. Children undergoing this treatment are encouraged to respond with movement activities. Referred to as therapeutic listening, the program yields the best outcome for patients. The music will provide stimulation to the brain. Some changes that patients can expect from the listening therapy program include,

Improve emotional state and emotional expression

Improved expression of needs

Increased attention and awareness to one’s surroundings

The listening program will be tailored to suit each child’s requirements individually”, continues Hanshini Boolaky. “The recorded music will access the child’s nervous system and the brain will be stimulated in the process”. The listening therapy program can be used at home daily to achieve the desired outcome. Pulse Center recommends that the child listen to the music twice a day, every day of the week. The program can last for a few months depending on how well the child responds to it.

“We focus on children realizing their true potential. We hope that through our listening therapy program the child receives auditory stimulation that enhances and stimulates different areas of their brain that helps improve their emotional and social well-being.”

About Us
Pulse Center is an educational and therapy life improvement center in Dubai. Established in 2007 the Center offers a wide range of services which include occupational therapy, speech therapy, listening therapy and psychology. Patients with various conditions such as learning difficulties, motor delays, speech difficulties, dyslexia and behavioural difficulties are welcome at the Center. The services are for children and adults. Pulse Center strives to create a stimulating environment where people are made to feel safe and secure, and where self-esteem is nurtured. For more information, visit their website on http://pulsecenter.ae/en/