Young Squash Champion Gabriela Seeks Economic Support to Compete in South American Junior Championships

Miami, FL and Bogota, Colombia – WEBWIRE

I wish to fulfill my dream. Support me and I will compete for you in Brazil.

Gabriela, a 10-year-old rising star in the world of squash, is reaching out to the community for support as she prepares to represent Colombia at the 2024 South American Junior Squash Championships in Brazil.

Gabriela has been honing her skills on the squash court for the past three years, proudly representing her city in the Bogot squash league. With dedication and determination, she has clinched the 1st place title numerous times in the under-11 junior league at national tournaments, earning a collection of trophies and medals along the way.

Her hard work and talent have recently earned her a coveted spot to compete at the prestigious South American Junior Squash Championships, scheduled to take place from February 5 to 10 in Brazil. However, Gabriela faces financial barriers as she pursues her dream of competing on the international stage.

As a single mother, Gabrielas mother has made incredible sacrifices to support her daughters passion for squash. Despite her efforts, the cost of participation in the tournament remains beyond their means. Gabriela is turning to the community for assistance to bridge the financial gap and make her dream a reality.

I wish to fulfill my dream. Support me and I will compete for you in Brazil, Gabriela expressed, highlighting her determination to represent her country with pride and gratitude.

Gabrielas journey embodies the spirit of perseverance and ambition, inspiring those around her to rally behind her cause. Any contribution, no matter how small, will make a meaningful difference in helping Gabriela take her place among the best junior squash players in South America.

For those interested in supporting Gabrielas journey to the South American Junior Squash Championships, donations can be made through GoFundMe at

Together, lets empower Gabriela to shine on the international stage and make her dreams come true.


About Gabriela:

Gabriela is a 10-year-old squash player from Bogot, Colombia, who has excelled in the sport since the age of seven. With numerous national titles under her belt, Gabriela aims to represent her country at the 2024 South American Junior Squash Championships in Brazil. She is driven by her passion for squash and dreams of inspiring others through her journey.

New Award for Young Nuclear Filmmakers

 The year 2023 concludes with a delightful surprise for the International Uranium Film Festival (IUFF) and aspiring film directors tackling the topic of nuclear power.

The California-based Samuel Lawrence Foundation (SLF) has generously donated a new award to the International Uranium Film Festival. This award, named the “Samuel Lawrence Foundation Award for the Best Young Filmmaker,” will be presented to the most outstanding film of the year directed by promising new talents, accompanied by a $1,000 cash prize.

“We express our profound gratitude for the donation of the Samuel Lawrence Foundation Award for the Best Young Filmmaker,” says the festival’s executive director, Márcia Gomes de Oliveira. “This marks a significant milestone for the International Uranium Film Festival and serves as crucial support and encouragement for young filmmakers dedicated to the challenging and essential topic of nuclear power and radioactive dangers.”

Radioactivity, being invisible and lacking in taste or color, poses unique challenges. Márcia Gomes states, “The creativity of young filmmakers plays a crucial role in bringing the consequences of nuclear power—from uranium mining to nuclear waste—to the public, ensuring that incidents like Chernobyl or Fukushima and the plight of uranium mining and nuclear weapons victims are not forgotten.”

Norbert G. Suchanek, the festival co-founder, adds, “Our special thanks also go to the Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS) in Chicago, which facilitated this valuable connection with the Samuel Lawrence Foundation. We anticipate a long and successful collaboration for the well-being of the Earth and its people.”

The 13th edition of the International Uranium Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro is scheduled to take place at Rio’s renowned Modern Art Museum (MAM Rio) Cinematheque from May 25 to June 1, 2024. Prior to Rio, the world’s film festival on nuclear issues embarks on a marathon tour across North America, featuring screenings in 11 cities, including Asheville (NC), Chicago (IL), Las Vegas (NV), Irvine (CA), Salem (OR), Santa Barbara (CA), Seattle (WA), Spokane (WA), Tucson (AZ), Vancouver in Canada, and the Navajo Nation capital Window Rock (AZ).

The Samuel Lawrence Foundation (SLF), established in 2010 in San Diego, actively promotes community engagement with creative endeavors and participation in issues of local and global scientific concerns. Additionally, SLF staunchly opposes the nuclear waste storage near San Onofre State Beach, dedicating substantial resources to addressing the challenge of radioactive waste improperly stranded at the closed San Onofre nuclear power plant.

“We persist in addressing the irresponsibility of the situation through vigilant scientific inquiry and community education critical in challenging an investor-owned utility,” says SLF President Bart Ziegler. “Ignorance is as much a danger as the nuclear risks we seek to resolve. Through our newsletters and social media, the public can also receive a continuous flow of digital communications to stay informed and involved with issues directly impacting our community’s well-being.”

The Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS) serves as Illinois’ Nuclear Power Watchdog, advocating for the end of nuclear power since 1981 and promoting sustainable, ecologically sound, and socially just energy solutions.

About the Festival

Founded in 2010 by the Brazilian social scientist Márcia Gomes de Oliveira and the German environmental journalist Norbert G. Suchanek, the International Uranium Film Festival (IUFF) is dedicated to all nuclear topics and the entire nuclear fuel chain, from uranium mining to nuclear waste, from nuclear war to nuclear accidents. For the past 13 years, the Uranium Film Festivals have been held annually in Rio de Janeiro and Berlin and in addition also in several other countries and cities such as Lisbon, New Delhi, Montreal, New York and Washington DC. Since 2016, when the International Uranium Film Festival was held for the first time at the famous Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles in collaboration with Hollywood star Kat Kramer, it has also been known as the Atomic Age Cinema Fest. The IUFF relies on voluntary work and donations from individuals and institutions.

Uranium Film Festival
Norbert G. Suchanek



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Young Rembrandts of Southern Alberta Receives National Award

 Angela Ewanchuk, owner of Young Rembrandts Southern Alberta received the Winning Spiritaward at the company’s recent annual convention. This dedicated franchisee exemplifies a steadfast commitment to being a prominent and influential contributor within the Young Rembrandts system. Through her unwavering dedication, she brings forth the transformative power, passion, and significance of drawing to a new generation of children.

“It’s truly an wonderful experience when the entire Young Rembrandts family comes together,” expressed Bette Fetter, the Founder and CEO of Young Rembrandts. “We feel privileged to have such exceptional franchisees who are instrumental in driving our business forward; they are the cornerstone of our success. Taking the opportunity to acknowledge those franchisees who have surpassed expectations reflects our deep appreciation for the unwavering dedication exhibited by our team day after day.”

The various awards given ranged from Rookie of the Year, Team Player, Perseverance award, Winning Spirit and more. Although each award is different, they all highlight aspects of entrepreneurial spirit, persistence, and dedication to Young Rembrandts’ mission. Ewanchuk, a long-standing advocate for the Young Rembrandts (YR) brand since 2014, has consistently provided support to both the Home Office and all franchisees. Her extensive involvement within the YR system includes active participation in the Franchise Advisory Council (FAC), the Technology Committee, and the COVID Response team. Widely recognized as a highly skilled and strategic business professional, she demonstrates exceptional critical thinking abilities that greatly benefit our system. The solutions she offers to various challenges are invaluable and worth sharing with the entire franchise network. Ewanchuk’s feedback and comments during calls, webinars, and coaching sessions hold immense value, as they are characterized by thoughtfulness and a keen sensitivity to each individual’s unique circumstances.

“In the realm of artistic inspiration, the winning spirit is a palette that colors every stroke with determination and resilience. As I am honored to receive the prestigious Winning Spirit Award during the Young Rembrandts conference, I am reminded that success is not merely defined by victory, but by the unwavering passion and relentless pursuit of excellence,” said Ewanchuk. “This recognition symbolizes the countless hours of hard work, the countless challenges overcome, and the unwavering belief in the transformative power of art education. Let this award serve as a beacon, inspiring us all to continuously strive for greatness, to paint bold strokes of innovation, and to ignite the flame of creativity in the hearts of young artists. Together, let us embrace the winning spirit and create a world where artistic dreams know no limits.”

Through its unique methodology that gives kids the confidence to create skilled artwork, Young Rembrandts helps boost cognitive development, hand-eye coordination, spatial learning and critical thinking skills. Unlike many other childhood art enrichment programs, Young Rembrandts provides students with a tangible takeaway project with each lesson. Students are able to learn a new technique and complete an exceptional piece of artwork within a single class period.

About Young Rembrandts

Young Rembrandts stands at the forefront of art education, renowned for its innovative curriculum that focuses on teaching children the art of drawing. Employing a structured step-by-step approach and captivating demonstrations, this esteemed program enables students to develop their artistic skills. Each week, students engage in comprehensive lessons that encompass a diverse range of subjects, artistic concepts, art history, and mastery of materials. Catering to children aged 3 ½ to 12 years old, Young Rembrandts successfully imparts knowledge to over 40,000 students per week across 31 states and four provinces.

Through its franchise model, Young Rembrandts offers individuals a remarkable opportunity to establish their own business while making a positive impact within their community. By joining the Young Rembrandts family, aspiring entrepreneurs can contribute to the growth of art education while enjoying the benefits of owning a thriving venture.

Young Rembrandts
Jamie Schnell



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Young Entrepreneur Launches the First HBCU Cosmetology of University Studies

Style Mobb University Had It’s Accreditation Celebration Weekend & The Owner Gave Away Over $10k in Scholarships For New Students

ATLANTAApril 25, 2023PRLog — Serial entrepreneur and professional Celebrity Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist Tiffane Nicol cemented her way into history by becoming the Founder of the first Historically Black Cosmetology University. On Saturday April 22, 2023, Style Mobb University will have their National Accreditation Celebration & New Campus Open House Sneak Peak at 12 noon until 4pm at 1777 Phoenix Parkway suite 120 Atlanta, GA 30349. The event is powered by Red Bull. Other activities and events include summer and fall class registrations, the first 40 customers get $5 shampoo and service tickets

About the Founder & The University

Tiffane Nichol has more than 15 years of experience owning salons and spas. Driven by her passion to support the success of others. Nine years ago, she caught the vision to diversify her business model and become a new resource that would remain relevant in the beauty industry. Through the utilization of her knowledge and years of experience, “Style Mobb” was born. This marked the genesis of a trail blazing journey that shifted her from being a direct participant in the beauty industry to becoming a leader and innovator of the next generation of beauty bosses.

Her first venture was offering advanced training classes in partnership with other experts in the industry and hosting skill-based workshops. Following this, she opened commission-based salons and spas with the goal of training and grooming employees – although this ultimately worked against her as they would eventually go off on their own path. The next level up classes was the Teen Weave Workshops in the the Young Professional Academy: Students were taught skills how to sew weaves, braid hair, and manage finances while providing her with an outlet for sharing her knowledge and giving back. Still, she s felt that she could be doing more so she went back to the drawing board to revisit her advanced training class which birth the first phase of Style Mobb University Advanced Training Academy that began in January 2020 with just 4 students – until Covid pandemic halted them in March. Although it was difficult facing such uncertainty, something positive also arose – the world suddenly silenced, providing her with time to hear her own thoughts. It was then that she decided to officially launch a Beauty University, ” a place where I could provide traditional University experience by incorporating HBCU culture; offer advanced training so that students are proficient in cosmetology and business; and enlighten the world about cosmetology’s importance as a highly essential career choice  with the opportunity to generate wealth.”

Style Mobb University is vested as a National Accreditation Institution; obtaining an impressive 100% passing rate at the Georgia Board of Cosmetology and officially accepted as an approved cosmetology “University.”  Style Mobb University School of Cosmetology Studies is begins a new era in HBCU history and culture.  It speaks to this multi-billion-dollar beauty industry where blacks historically have always had success and at the same time open to the diversity. all students regardless of race creed or color. The university provides the on campus HBCU college experience, 4 year-degree programs, and programs for veterans, Greek organizations and more!

For Press & Media contact Publicist Rahru Arceneaux via email or call 404.343.3223

Follow on social media @stylemobbuniversity

Educating Young People with Good Money Habits

Stringer Mann Chartered Financial Planners recently conducted a series of financial education workshops for Year 9 students at Berkhamsted School in Hertfordshire.

Stringer Mann Chartered Financial Planners

Stringer Mann Chartered Financial Planners

BERKHAMSTED, U.K.April 25, 2023PRLog — Robert Stringer and Ed Evans of Stringer Mann Chartered Financial Planners recently completed a series of free, fun and engaging financial education workshops for Year 9 students at Berkhamsted School, to help them build brighter financial futures.

Aimed at children aged 13-14, the workshops called ‘Your Future’ took place during February 2023, and were interactive, fun, high-energy and engaging, incorporating strategic game play and discussion-based learning. The young people learnt about risk and reward, saving, banking, budgeting, borrowing, lending and more. All within a fun and competitive environment.

Financial Education is a crucial area of learning which has a heavy impact on the future wellbeing of our young people; it is a life-long journey, defined by our aspirations, expectations and knowledge.

Robert Stringer, Partner of the Berkhamsted-based firm and founder of Hector’s House, a suicide prevention and mental health awareness charity for young people, said, “It’s reported that 96% of British teenagers worry about money daily1. And we know now that money habits can begin to form in children as young as 72, so the younger we start educating them the better – not only for their financial futures but for their mental health as well.”

In the UK today, reportedly 39% of adults don’t feel confident managing their money and over 80% are not comfortable discussing their finances, even with close family and friends3. It makes sense therefore, that having conversations about money will build children’s confidence on the subject and helps to develop their long term financial skills. Yet over 5.3 million children go without proper financial education3.

The team at Stringer Mann is committed to supporting and improving the financial wellbeing of our clients, our young people, and our community. We believe economic independence is an enabler of choice, giving people the confidence, knowledge and opportunity to make better decisions that positively affect their future.

  • Of the 181 students who attended the workshops, 90% would recommend the sessions to other students, and
  • 94% said that it had improved their confidence in managing money well on a day-to-day basis.

“We recognise the role that effective financial education can play in overall wellbeing and feel that these sessions have been a valuable addition to our personal development curriculum this year,” said Sarah Gledhill, Head of Sociology & Head of Personal Development.

“Students responded very positively to Robert and Ed’s expertise, and we look forward to offering similar workshops to other year groups in the future.”

If you would like to find out more about resources for your primary and secondary school or college, please contact

1 The Centre for Financial Capability report, 2022
2 2 MAS (2013), Press Release, Adult Money Habits Are Set by the Age of Seven Years Old.
3 MaPS, 2020, UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing.