Christian Writer Encourages Readers to Walk By Faith, Not By Sight

How do you resist temptations and win God’s grace despite this materialistic world?

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Learning to say no to sin and temptation is the bedrock of all Christian teachings. And in living out a just, essential Christian life must begin with the right, proper instructions and understanding of the Scriptures.

A heartfelt Christian self-help book entitled ‘How to Say “NO” to Sin God’s Way: The Book of Romans Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8’ opens the idea of helping Born Again Christians and other alike Christian dominions to redeem God’s grace. According to the author Fletcher Chambliss, Jr., a Christian’s resistance against manly temptations requires a deeper inquiry of the Bible’s wisdom and how it can be applied through everyday life.

The book is a reader’s guide in establishing a solid perspective on the concepts of sin and temptation, eternal life, and faith through the principles found in the Bible, specifically in chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the Book of Romans. Through fortified years in his service on Christian preaching, the author offered his insights of the book, saying that “the scriptures of this book will tell you what to do and should draw you closer to God and Christ and help you have victory over the sin in your life.”

Fletcher Chambliss, Jr., is a devoted Christian and volunteer at a homeless ministry at his church in Lithonia, Georgia. He attended Florida A&M University (FAMU) in Tallahassee, Florida. Chambliss worked in the IRS, over-the-road trucking, and banking following a diverse career.

Follow God’s mission by walking by faith, not by sight through this book.

As a publishing company advocating for humanitarian causes, Rare Books Media endorses this project to the American Foundation for the Blind, in celebration of the latter’s 100th anniversary. Rare Books Media recommends this book for audiobook availability to allow the blind and other persons with disabilities to access such beautiful stories worth sharing.

How to Say “NO” to Sin God’s Way: The Book of Romans Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8

by Fletcher Chambliss, Jr.

Paperback | $9.99

Kindle | $3.99

ISBN: 978-1733154000

Book copies are available at Amazon, Audible, and other online book retailers.

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Iowan Writer Releases Unique and Inspiring Autobiography

A moving memoir offering a glimpse of the author’s journey and adventures

Asa Dunnington’s “What A Life!: An Autobiography” is an enthralling memoir detailing the author’s long and storied life. This memoir came about when Dunnington’s daughter in law, Lorraine Dunnington, gave him a candy jar with 89 strips of paper as a gift. Each strip had a question or a subject in it and he would respond to each one. By the time he reached the bottom of the jar, he has already written his life story. This makes the book different and special.

Dunnington wrote the book without the chapters to retain the question and answer format. This makes for an easier, free-flowing read. As readers get to know the author more, they will feel encouraged and motivated because despite the challenges, hardships, and trials he went through, he always found a way to land on his feet and take care of his family. His journey has truly made a difference to those around him. Inspiring and moving, this book is a must have, especially to those who want to feel uplifted.

“The story came alive with each small, short narrative,” shares Olga Driskell, an Amazon customer.

Born on June 7, 1939 in Logan, Iowa, Dunnington wrote for a newspaper, served in the Air Force, and worked on a Presidential campaign. Dunnington also wrote “Selectively Lawless: The True Story of Emmett Long, An American Original,” a biography of his uncle, an infamous lawbreaker. Dunnington is now married to his second wife, Cheryl, and he has three children and nine grandchildren.

What A Life!: An Autobiography
Asa Dunnington
Paperback | $6.77

Book copies are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

Texan Writer Releases Delightful and Unique Christmas Tale

A captivating story highlighting the duties of Santa’s youngest child

“Miss Claus and Her Bunnies” by Dr. Barbara ten Brink is a delightful children’s book bringing to light the duties of Elizabeth Claus, the youngest of Mr. and Mrs. Claus. This book is a breath of fresh air from the usual stories telling the exploits of Santa and his reindeers during Christmas time. Here, readers get to see Elizabeth and her bunnies do their stuff. She and the bunnies are given the task of making Santa’s big and special night a resounding success. As readers flip through the pages, they will learn the importance of teamwork and fulfilling one’s responsibilities.
The fascinating tale and the gorgeous artwork add appeal to this already charming piece of work. This is a sure fire hit with the children as the visuals and the lessons from the story will keep them hooked and engrossed. What sets this children’s book apart from other Christmas stories is that it focuses on Elizabeth’s responsibilities and her purpose in life. She learns early on how to handle her duties and how working together with her bunnies make everything easy and fun. Although targeted mainly for young readers, adults can learn so much from this book too.
“Elizabeth’s story is empowering, particularly to young female readers, as they see another young person not only tasked with great responsibility but also finding her purpose early on in life. More importantly, as young readers see Elizabeth and her bunnies interacting with the others in Santaland, they learn the value of working as part of a team and as part of a community,” shares Nicole Yurcaba of the US Review of Books.
Dr. Barbara ten Brink is a native Texan who has lived in Japan, Germany, Maryland, and Virginia. Dr. Brink coordinated science instruction and teacher training for special projects offered to Austin Independent School District, an urban district of 82,000 students. She retired in December of 2019. Dr. Brink has already published several books, including “Traveling with Isaac Newton,” “Choosing the Path of Teaching – A Letter from Mentor to Mentee,” and “The Haiku of Barbara ten Brink.” She is married to Henri A. ten Brink, a lawyer. They have an only child named Sam. For more information about Dr. Brink and her books, visit
Miss Claus and Her Bunnies
Barbara ten Brink
Hardcover | $16.99
Paperback | $9.99
Book copies are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

Writer Reid Champagne Adds a Comedic Touch to Insightful Observations

 Financial woes have nearly quadrupled the rate of depression in the US. According to a recent report by The Brink, the number of depressed adults has jumped from 8.5% before the pandemic hit to a whopping 32.8% in 2021. During these difficult times, great humorists like Reid Champagne have been providing much-needed laughter to Americans everywhere.

Champagne, in particular, tackles serious and controversial topics while infusing his signature humor, which is often described as “self-depreciating.” He often makes himself the subject of his jokes, thereby putting himself center-stage rather than anybody else.

While talking about his creative process, the writer said, “When I write something, I don’t do it to correct the ways of the world. Instead, I tell it like it is and do it in the manner of a breakfast conversation I would have with my wife [Carol] about this and that. For instance, in my accounts of Lake Tahoe, I compared the destruction of wildlife habitat with inhabitability of Iceland because Iceland is an experience I share with Carol and my audience.”

Champagne has also been known to champion inoculation drives and other controversial issues without ruffling many feathers. According to a subscriber of his blog, “I like that he doesn’t talk about divisive matters unless they apply to him. He didn’t talk about vaccination until his trip to Iceland, saying it was the only country that would accept their vaccination cards. And that was pretty much it about the topic of vaccines, but you’ll definitely find allusions to it in the day leading up to their trip.”

Before reverting full-time to writing about his everyday brushes with food, travel, people, and just life in general, Champagne was a popular columnist for several renowned magazines such as USA Today, Eurail, Delaware Today, The Sun, Main Line Today and more. The writer even authored a book in 2012 called, “An American Walkabout”; a book about growing up and coming of age in one’s later years.

Readers who wish to read his blogs and download the book can do so on via the website given below.

About Reid Champagne

Reid Champagne is a famous American humorist with over 35 years of comedy writing under his belt. After retiring as a funny columnist, he channeled his sense of humor into recounting daily life with his wife Carol through blogs. He’s also authored a travel book by the name of An American Walkabout, available for sale on Amazon.

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Writer Beckham Publishes First Profile Of Bill Cosby After His Prison Release

They had confused me with David Beckham, the soccer player.

Barry Beckham describes his encounters with entertainer Bill Cosby when he promoted Beckham’s Black Student’s Guide to Colleges—the first of its kind—in the 1980s. The serialized episodes are collected in “No, I’m Not David, But I’ve Met a Lot of Famous People.”

“I chose that title because so many youngsters emailed me with praiseworthy comments,” he explains. “I realized finally that they had confused me with David Beckham, the soccer player. So, I replied with, “No, I’m Not David.”

The episode about Cosby is part of Amazon Vella where stories are released as one short episode at a time. Beckham expects to release a new chapter monthly. Beckham sees “No, I’m Not David” as a collection of candid and revealing encounters with some of the country’s most revered and sometimes reclusive icons and standard bearers. His series of interviews and encounters with the high and mighty include David Rockefeller, John F. Kennedy Jr., Miles Davis, Earl G. Graves, Edward Albee, and others.

Amazon Kindle Vella Page

The third episode after Cosby features John F. Kennedy Jr. whom Beckham knew while a professor at Brown University.

“I combine memoir with the new journalistic approach,” says Beckham. “Like Tom Wolfe, Norman Mailer, Gay Talese, and Rex Reed, my role in the story becomes as prominent as the subject I’m writing about, so I describe what they said and did when I was with them, using novelistic techniques of scene setting and dialogue.”

Beckham depicts Cosby’s voice and movement in several memorable situations. He admits that he didn’t understand the first three minutes of Cosby’s introductory greeting after his performance because it sounded like a minister’s discourse. The entertainer encouraged him to use the photograph of the two of them in all of his advertising. When Beckham said that he couldn’t afford it, Cosby told him to call John Johnson, publisher at Ebony, and arrange for credit.

Having published critically acclaimed novels and a biography of New York basketball legend Earl Manigault, Beckham says: “I’m eager to try combining my own biography with the lives of those I write about—like the new journalists recorded.”

More about Barry Beckham