A captivating story highlighting the duties of Santa’s youngest child

“Miss Claus and Her Bunnies” by Dr. Barbara ten Brink is a delightful children’s book bringing to light the duties of Elizabeth Claus, the youngest of Mr. and Mrs. Claus. This book is a breath of fresh air from the usual stories telling the exploits of Santa and his reindeers during Christmas time. Here, readers get to see Elizabeth and her bunnies do their stuff. She and the bunnies are given the task of making Santa’s big and special night a resounding success. As readers flip through the pages, they will learn the importance of teamwork and fulfilling one’s responsibilities.
The fascinating tale and the gorgeous artwork add appeal to this already charming piece of work. This is a sure fire hit with the children as the visuals and the lessons from the story will keep them hooked and engrossed. What sets this children’s book apart from other Christmas stories is that it focuses on Elizabeth’s responsibilities and her purpose in life. She learns early on how to handle her duties and how working together with her bunnies make everything easy and fun. Although targeted mainly for young readers, adults can learn so much from this book too.
“Elizabeth’s story is empowering, particularly to young female readers, as they see another young person not only tasked with great responsibility but also finding her purpose early on in life. More importantly, as young readers see Elizabeth and her bunnies interacting with the others in Santaland, they learn the value of working as part of a team and as part of a community,” shares Nicole Yurcaba of the US Review of Books.
Dr. Barbara ten Brink is a native Texan who has lived in Japan, Germany, Maryland, and Virginia. Dr. Brink coordinated science instruction and teacher training for special projects offered to Austin Independent School District, an urban district of 82,000 students. She retired in December of 2019. Dr. Brink has already published several books, including “Traveling with Isaac Newton,” “Choosing the Path of Teaching – A Letter from Mentor to Mentee,” and “The Haiku of Barbara ten Brink.” She is married to Henri A. ten Brink, a lawyer. They have an only child named Sam. For more information about Dr. Brink and her books, visit authorbarbaratenbrink.com.
Miss Claus and Her Bunnies
Barbara ten Brink
Hardcover | $16.99
Paperback | $9.99
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