BOC Sciences Unveils Comprehensive Capabilities of Custom Peptide Drug Conjugate

 BOC Sciences, a leading CRO in the USA, unveils its comprehensive capabilities for custom peptide drug conjugate from project design to commercial production. With its well-established conjugation platform, BOC Sciences supports pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients at the forefront of drug conjugation.

Peptide-drug conjugates (PDCs) are mainly used in anti-cancer therapy, which integrates the advantages of small molecular weight, high tumor penetration, low immunogenicity, large-scale synthesis using solid phase synthesis, low production cost, relatively good pharmacokinetics, and so on. Peptides selected for PDCs can specifically target protein receptors overexpressed in tumor tissue and have strong binding affinity for the target site within nanomolar amounts, such as cell-targeting peptides (CTPs) and cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs).

BOC Sciences’ comprehensive conjugation platform, coupled with its strong small molecule chemistry capability, provides a one-stop solution for peptide drug conjugate development and manufacturing. The company utilizes its proprietary peptide techniques to identify candidate peptides selected by clients from BOC Sciences’ peptide library and optimize hit peptides into therapeutic peptide products. Additionally, from peptide synthesis and modifications to peptide conjugates, the company will ensure substantial purity.

BOC Sciences can produce payloads of PDCs through its advanced technologies including fermentation. With its streamlined fermentation process and extensive expertise, the company is able to give customers GMP-grade products from small to large scale-up. Furthermore, each peptide drug conjugate is meticulously monitored during synthesis and controlled according to its quality assurance and quality control standards. And the final product is identified by NMR and MS as well as X-ray crystallography and the purity is analyzed by HPLC or appropriate analytical methods. Advanced quality assurance procedures are also followed independently to double guarantee the high quality of every delivered product.

“We know PDCs have strong tumor penetration, low production cost, and low immunogenicity. Compared with other drug conjugates, PDCs have a wider industrial base and clinical value. Our conjugation platform and experience allow us to further forge partnerships with customers who depend on our capabilities for the development and commercial production of high-quality peptide drug conjugates,” said the marketing manager at BOC Sciences.

About BOC Sciences
BOC Sciences specializes in small molecule synthesis, biosynthesis, purification, characterization, etc. After years of expansion, it has established a series of advanced chemical synthesis laboratories, fermentation facilities, QA systems, and so forth. BOC Sciences offers high-quality products for its esteemed customers in academia, pharmaceuticals, biotech, CDMO, material sciences, and agriculture to support research and production needs.

BOC Sciences
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BOC Sciences Commitment at BIO 2022: From Concept to GMP Production

 BIO International Convention united over 15,000 researchers and top-tier biotech leaders this year to intensively expand their partnerships during the four-day meeting. As a prominent contributor to the pharma industry, BOC Sciences is certified as an eligible exhibitor and allocated booth 1441.

The preparation period of BOC Sciences for the BIO conference spans out the first half of 2022, which turns out to be worthwhile since its booth 1441 became a busy spot with many visitors coming to inquire about commercial microbial manufacturing services. The key expertise showcased this year is fermentation for APIs & bioactive metabolites, preclinical CRO services, integrated CDMO services, etc.

“Our one-stop fermentation CDMO services cover the complete process of developing and biomanufacturing most biological molecules. From project design, strain selection and improvement, microbial fermentation process development, all the way to commercial scale-up production, we can turn your concept into reality,” the delegates of BOC Sciences promised at BIO 2022.

Is BOC Sciences able to fulfill its promise? The affirmative answer lies in its doctoral-level expert team, versatile fermentation skills, certified GMP facilities, and FDA-approved quality assurance system. Below is a detailed list of BOC Sciences highlights presented at the BIO conference this year:

Fermentation for APIs & Bioactive Metabolites:

Multiple strain development strategies including mutation, selection, cloning, and genetic recombination.

Extensive product portfolio of metabolites up to kilogram scales.

Successful delivery in 20+ high potent API projects.

Preclinical CRO Services:

Small molecule synthesis

Analytical services

Bioconjugation and custom labeling

Innovation platform

Integrated CDMO Services:

Full range of pharmaceutical compounds, food and cosmetic ingredients.

4 manufacturing sites.

2,000,000+ L production capacity.

GMP-compliant facilities.

Although the conference has just concluded, it has a profound impact on BOC Sciences’ global partnerships. According to the feedback collected from visitors, a large portion of them show interest in BOC Sciences’ fermentation CDMO services and are planning to source technical support from it. “We have unshakeable faith in our fermentation skills. Therefore it’s within our expectation that there will be a large volume of customers willing to entrust us with fermentation work,” the head of BOC Sciences delegation said.

After BIO 2022, BOC Sciences is still continuing its optimization in fermentation workflows so as to better keep its promise of turning the fermentation concept into valuable results.


BOC Sciences offers comprehensive support to enhance the control over the fermentation process, which can dramatically increase manufacturing efficiency and enable greater business profitability.

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BOC Sciences Officially Releases the Final Invitation to Renowned Pharma Conferences in May

 BOC Sciences has been preparing for the two exhibitions for a long period, with the hope that all the visiting guests can have every question solved and every need satisfied. Earlier this year, BOC Sciences released its products, services, and expertise to be showcased in May, which aroused great interest of academia and the pharma industry. Among all the exhibits, its mRNA synthesis service becomes the center of attention since the urgent COVID-19 vaccine R & D requires much assistance from it.

BOC Sciences is featured with a complete set of custom mRNAs at laboratory and GMP grade. Plus, it shows significant flexibility with the production scale spanning from milligrams to grams. Presently, BOC Sciences’ custom mRNA synthesis services have attracted worldwide partners who specialize in gene function study, cancer immunotherapy development, and preventive vaccine research. “We indeed have made some accomplishments in the field of mRNA synthesis and connected with a large number of valuable clients. However, our ambition is far more than that. Therefore, without any hesitation, we made the decision to attend influential industry exhibitions and present our strengths on a broader scale,” a senior researcher explained why BOC Sciences decide to participate.

What makes BOC Sciences a reputed supplier in the pharma supply chain? This is a frequently asked question by researchers who take an interest in BOC Sciences’ mRNA synthesis services. According to the information released by its officials and a flood of comments left by its regular customers, BOC Sciences’ abilities can be summarized as follows:

– Advanced facilities: various scales of automatic synthesizers and purification equipment.

– Cutting-edge technologies: a complete set of mRNA synthesis and purification techniques.

– Strict quality control: high-standard QA & QC; identification by mass spectrometry; purification by HPLC.

– Experienced personnel: professionals with more than 15 years of experience in oligo synthesis and modifications.

There are still plenty of strengths not listed yet, waiting for interested customers to get connected and learn more. The business development manager who is also one of the representatives from BOC Sciences commented, “Researchers are often bombarded by lots of boasting online and find the task to identify a reliable mRNA manufacturer burdensome. Given the circumstances, we try to create opportunities for face-to-face communication so that customers can have a more real perception of our expertise in mRNA modifications.”

Indeed, such conferences like CPhI North America and TIDES USA 2022 can bridge the gap between (bio)chemical suppliers and researchers. With more excellent participants like BOC Sciences engaged in the global supply chain, the pharma industry will witness the prosperity of novel drug and vaccine development.


BOC Sciences is an expert in RNA-related technologies. It provides an extensive collection of RNA products and services, especially the featured custom RNA synthesis. With years of experience and a dedicated research team, BOC Sciences has boosted numerous programs of RNA drug and vaccine discovery.

BOC Sciences

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New Amsterdam Sciences Announces Pre-IND Stage 2 Submission with FDA Coronavirus Treatment Velocity Program for NAS150 Targeting the Omicron Alternative and all variations of SARS-CoV-2


New Amsterdam Sciences, an independently held bioscience business, reveals the filing of the Company’s freshly supplied products and information with the FDA’s Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program under a pre-Investigation New Drug Phase 2 submission. This submission is an action to a current reaction from the FDA with demands connecting to a previous submission simply weeks prior. The FDA submission is for the development of the Company’s healing representative prospect that has antiviral possibility presently being assessed and validated; NAS150 for the treatment of COVID-19 which is brought on by the SARS-CoV-2 infection and its variations. The Company is likewise positive that NAS150 would be therapeutically advantageous for dealing with other viral-related illness such as pneumonia, seasonal and pandemic influenza.

Additionally, New Amsterdam Sciences Phase 2 Pre-IND is currently authorized for expedition as a healing for main nerve system conditions, particularly ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). The Company has actually cross-referenced gathered information from the Phase 1 research studies for NAS150 and is preparing Phase 2 procedures to pursue FDA Emergency Use Authorization of NAS150 for dealing with COVID-19

” While the look for a vaccine is over and severe development is being made versus the pandemic, it is obvious that there stays an immediate requirement for rehabs and restorative antivirals like NAS150 to fight the intense signs and serious conditions clients are experiencing associated to COVID-19 along with the “Long Haul” conditions continually being verified by doctors. This is on top of brand-new versions that are ending up being more common and whose effect we are still discovering more about every day,” stated New Amsterdam Sciences’ CEO, Michael Wilhelm. “We eagerly anticipate our substance NAS150 signing up with the lots of other impressive business and centers working relentlessly to establish lifesaving treatments and sign mitigators for COVID-19 clients around the world.” The worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) present treatment market is anticipated to grow from $1463 billion in 2020 to $168 billion in 2021 at a compound yearly development rate (CAGR) of 14.8%. The marketplace is anticipated to reach $3542 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 20%.

New Amsterdam Sciences proposes that their Phase 2 medical phase anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory representative and possible antiviral, the superoxide dismutase (SOD) mimetic NAS150, can be an efficient treatment and adjuvant healing for the Omicron variation of SARS-CoV-2 infection and all other variations. NAS150 is a Mn-metalloporphyrin SOD mimetic with shown anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. It has actually been backed by continual Federal R&D assistance and as a subcutaneous representative, it is being placed for administration by means of transdermal/ microneedle spot in addition to alternative paths. This scientific phase representative was revealed to be reliable in decreasing oxidative tension, swelling, and tissue damage following radiation injury and might be a single agent/adjuvant drug of option for the treatment of clients not long after infection or with extreme viral-infection-induced problems. It can straight alleviate cytokine production caused by oxidative tension in both contaminated respiratory tract cells and by penetrating leukocyte such as triggered neutrophils, macrophages and monocytes by a direct SOD mimetic activity. Regulating cellular redox status with NAS150 would change the energy balance by pressing triggered macrophages and neutrophils in addition to harmed respiratory tract tissue to a total less inflammatory state while decreasing the possibilities of establishing Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and cytokine storms which have actually been observed in clients who advanced to extreme COVID-19

Ongoing efforts for COVID-19 rehabs are concentrated on establishing substances that target the SARS-CoV-2 infection either by hindering its duplication or obstructing it from binding entry receptors on host cells. While reliable for dealing with early phase infections, these substances are not valuable for those clients who advance onwards to serious illness. There is clear proof that SARS-CoV-2 increases oxidative tension in host cells in early phase infection in order to facilitate its duplication. This highly recommends that utilizing powerful anti-oxidants can be an option and/or complementary antiviral method. Current research studies have actually revealed that SOD mimetics have antiviral activity towards SARS-CoV-2. “NAS150 is distinctively placed amongst COVID-19 therapies because its possible antiviral activity and host-targeted healing abilities might permit it to be utilized to deal with COVID-19 throughout all phases of illness states.” States New Amsterdam Sciences’ Executive Vice President, Dr. Chris van de Wetering.

The mix of anti-oxidants (specifically those showing direct antiviral activity) with targeted antiviral drugs, as presently being pursued in lots of scientific research studies worldwide, might synergistically lower the deadly impacts of infection infections, by both direct anti-viral actions and by reducing the issues of viral infection. NAS150’s prospective antiviral ability might show to be a double-edged sword versus this infection and all variations thereof. Research studies for the verification of antiviral activity to match the existing restorative success are underway for New Amsterdam Sciences.

Thus, one would anticipate that treatment with this Phase 2 prepared, GMP-compliant medical trial product would both minimize viral load and virus-related swelling. Such double actions by this single representative would consequently cause a quantifiable decrease in cytokine production and reduce morbidity and death to viral infection.

Michael Wilhelm, CEO for New Amsterdam Sciences included, “Considering the existing lack of efficient representatives versus SARS-CoV-2, our clinic-ready, multi-pronged healing with antiviral possibility continues to get the should have strenuous assessment it is placed for. Swelling driven by oxidative tension triggered by the infection and an individual’s overstated immune action to the infection are crucial consider the seriousness of COVID-19 clients. We have the chance to assist in saving lives, moisten the infection, help in reducing intense signs and balance out the advancement of a few of the signs related to ‘Long Haul’ syndrome.”


New Amsterdam Sciences, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NAS Bioholdings, is a clinical-stage biotechnology business establishing unique drug prospects for underserved breathing conditions, oxidative tension driven swelling associated illness and CNS illness. The Company’s lead substance, NAS150, is a little particle catalytic antioxidant SOD (superoxide dismutase) mimetic, as are its analogs such as NAS114 These particles decrease reactive oxygen types (ROS) and consequently their oxidation of cellular proteins and lipids. Being investigated and is a preclinical prospect is NAS911 which is a neuro/immunomodulator, based on Substance P. NAS911 is a stem cell proliferator that decreases swelling and leverages the body’s intrinsic homeostatic systems to react to injury.

New Amsterdam Sciences, Inc. is concentrated on the advancement and development of the Company’s clinical-stage prospect healing and prospective antiviral to deal with COVID-19 brought on by infection with SARS-CoV-2 and its variations. The lead program leverages prior human research studies on the substance under an existing Investigational New Drug Application with the United States FDA. The business’s NAS150 COVID-19 Phase I and Phase 2 research studies as a healing representative are critical to the business’s preparation and development even as they connect to other advancement programs that are developed. Furthermore, NAS150 is likewise being established as a prophylactic prospect (possibly provided through microneedle spot) to safeguard “frontline” employees versus COVID-19 and as a restorative versus a lot of the symptoms of ‘Long Haul COVID syndrome’ and other significant signs of unmet medical requirement.

Findings to date recommend extra chances for our concentrated substance NAS150 in addition to other interests in the Company’s pipeline consists of as a co-therapeutic to a vaccine and antiviral treatments, prospective treatment for influenza or other microbial disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, other autoimmune illness in addition to for usage as a possible countermeasure for homeland security risks consisting of radiological, chemical and biological representatives.

Statements about New Amsterdam Sciences’ future expectations, consisting of declarations about the possible usage and clinical outcomes for New Amsterdam’s preclinical and medical drug prospects, science and innovation, and all other declarations in this news release aside from historic truths, are “positive declarations” within the significance of Section 27 A of the Securities Act of 1933, Section 21 E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and as that term is specified in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of1995 New Amsterdam Sciences plans that such positive declarations go through the safe harbors produced consequently. These future occasions might not take place as and when anticipated, if at all, and, together with New Amsterdam’s service, go through numerous threats and unpredictabilities. New Amsterdam’s real outcomes might vary materially from anticipated outcomes as an outcome of a variety of elements, consisting of the unpredictabilities fundamental in research study and advancement partnerships, pre-clinical and scientific trials and item advancement programs (consisting of, however not restricted to the truth that future outcomes or research study and advancement efforts might show less motivating than present outcomes or trigger negative effects not observed in present pre-clinical and medical trials), the examination of possible chances, the level of business expenses and cash offered for additional research studies, capital market conditions, and others state in.

There are no warranties that any of New Amsterdam’s proposed items will show to be commercially effective. New Amsterdam Sciences carries out no responsibility to upgrade positive declarations.

Media Contact
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Contact Person: Brian McWilliams
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Nation: United States

BOC Sciences Improves Its Fermentation CDMO Platform for Microbial Drug Development

 BOC Sciences, a provider of CDMO services for the development of microbial drugs, recently announced that it has improved its fermentation CDMO platform to provide a comprehensive one-stop industrial fermentation CDMO service.

In the field of biotechnology, fermentation refers to any process in which microbes multiply rapidly to produce a variety of valuable compounds. Bacteria (such as E. coli, the most commonly used microorganism in microbial fermentation), algae, fungus, and actinomycetes are among the microorganisms utilized in biotechnological fermentation and enzyme synthesis. BOC Sciences provides seamless one-stop process development services from concept to commercialization, which can help clients promote their project management and meet their project schedules.

Workflow of BOC Sciences’ fermentation CDMO service platform

1. Strain selection and optimization

The selected strains need to meet the following conditions:

– Support the large-scale production of the required microbial products

– Fast growth rate and safe operation

– Compatible with media

– Low production cost

– Conducive to isolation procedures in the fermentation process

– Stable and easy to genetic manipulation

After strain selection, strain optimization can be achieved through mutation and selection processes.

2. Media and process development

The culture medium needs to meet the following criteria:

– Maximum production capacity of the required product.

– Allows integrated fermentation process development and manufacturing to run at the highest possible speed.

– Produces very small amounts of unwanted by-products.

– Consistent quality

After the selection of the medium, the fermentation process needs to be integrated and developed to determine the GMP manufacturing route of the microbial drugs from the early stage to the clinical and commercial supply.

3. Fermentation and scale-up

Large-scale fermentation can be achieved through three methods: batch culture fermentation, fed-batch fermentation, and continuous fermentation.

4. Downstream processing

BOC Sciences provides an extensive collection of downstream processing services, including microfiltration, centrifugation, liquid/liquid extraction, ultrafiltration, evaporation, and packaging.

Highlights of BOC Sciences’ Fermentation CDMO Platform

– Full-service package from intermediate to API, from fermentation to synthesis, and from small molecule drugs to macromolecules.

– Flexible production capabilities and qualified personnel, as well as supporting operations such as QA, Analytics, and EHS.

– State-of-the-art facilities cover various products like cytotoxic and sterile products.

– Investment in environmental protection measures and skills.

– Well-established quality system that has passed a series of official inspections and customer audits.

For more detailed information about the fermentation CDMO service of BOC Sciences, please visit the website:

About BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences seeks to assist researchers in the sectors of food safety, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals with its professional and high-quality microbial metabolite products and services. Antibiotics, bioactive by-products, enzyme inhibitors, mycotoxins, and other compounds fermented and separated from actinomycetes, bacteria, fungi, plants, and other organisms are all included in BOC Sciences’ product catalog. Its ambition is to become the world’s most competitive and productive metabolite provider.

BOC Sciences

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