BOC Sciences, a provider of CDMO services for the development of microbial drugs, recently announced that it has improved its fermentation CDMO platform to provide a comprehensive one-stop industrial fermentation CDMO service.

In the field of biotechnology, fermentation refers to any process in which microbes multiply rapidly to produce a variety of valuable compounds. Bacteria (such as E. coli, the most commonly used microorganism in microbial fermentation), algae, fungus, and actinomycetes are among the microorganisms utilized in biotechnological fermentation and enzyme synthesis. BOC Sciences provides seamless one-stop process development services from concept to commercialization, which can help clients promote their project management and meet their project schedules.

Workflow of BOC Sciences’ fermentation CDMO service platform

1. Strain selection and optimization

The selected strains need to meet the following conditions:

– Support the large-scale production of the required microbial products

– Fast growth rate and safe operation

– Compatible with media

– Low production cost

– Conducive to isolation procedures in the fermentation process

– Stable and easy to genetic manipulation

After strain selection, strain optimization can be achieved through mutation and selection processes.

2. Media and process development

The culture medium needs to meet the following criteria:

– Maximum production capacity of the required product.

– Allows integrated fermentation process development and manufacturing to run at the highest possible speed.

– Produces very small amounts of unwanted by-products.

– Consistent quality

After the selection of the medium, the fermentation process needs to be integrated and developed to determine the GMP manufacturing route of the microbial drugs from the early stage to the clinical and commercial supply.

3. Fermentation and scale-up

Large-scale fermentation can be achieved through three methods: batch culture fermentation, fed-batch fermentation, and continuous fermentation.

4. Downstream processing

BOC Sciences provides an extensive collection of downstream processing services, including microfiltration, centrifugation, liquid/liquid extraction, ultrafiltration, evaporation, and packaging.

Highlights of BOC Sciences’ Fermentation CDMO Platform

– Full-service package from intermediate to API, from fermentation to synthesis, and from small molecule drugs to macromolecules.

– Flexible production capabilities and qualified personnel, as well as supporting operations such as QA, Analytics, and EHS.

– State-of-the-art facilities cover various products like cytotoxic and sterile products.

– Investment in environmental protection measures and skills.

– Well-established quality system that has passed a series of official inspections and customer audits.

For more detailed information about the fermentation CDMO service of BOC Sciences, please visit the website:

About BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences seeks to assist researchers in the sectors of food safety, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals with its professional and high-quality microbial metabolite products and services. Antibiotics, bioactive by-products, enzyme inhibitors, mycotoxins, and other compounds fermented and separated from actinomycetes, bacteria, fungi, plants, and other organisms are all included in BOC Sciences’ product catalog. Its ambition is to become the world’s most competitive and productive metabolite provider.

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