Author Honor Mamath tells the story of “Roy’s Daughters in an Age of Despots”

The book takes history buffs back to the tumultuous 1960s.

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Catch the book display for Honor Mamath’s “Roy’s Daughters in an Age of Despots” at the LA Times Festival of Books.

Can ordinary people, not only some world leaders, ever behave like tyrants? Author Honor Mamath explores this premise in her historical fiction book “Roy’s Daughters in an Age of Despots” (ReadersMagnet).


“Roy’s Daughters in an Age of Despots” tells how American sisters react to events in the 1960s. Their father works for the State Department at a time of global threats, especially during the Berlin Crisis of 1962 and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Roy, their father, needs to tamp down the fear when he is called upon to support President John F. Kennedy’s mission to keep world peace.


Can ordinary people, not only some world leaders, ever behave like tyrants? Know the answer in Honor Mamath’s book “Roy’s Daughters in an Age of Despots,” which looks at global events from the eyes of civilians. Available today on Amazon and ReadersMagnet online bookstore.


“Roy’s Daughters in an Age of Despots” will be displayed by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at their exhibit at booth 208 for the 2022 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on April 23-24, 2022, at the University of Southern California campus, Los Angeles, CA.    

Roy’s Daughters in an Age of Despots

Author | Honor Mamath

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Publisher | ReadersMagnet

Author Bio


Honor Mamath lived in Europe for two years on a military base in 1962 and 1963, during President Kennedy’s assassination. Since that shock to the world, she is interested in what history can teach us. Later, she earned her high school teaching credential and taught at a business college in the 1980s. Her interest in human relationships as well as historical adventures inspire her plots and stories.


BEYA to honor the 36th annual Black Engineer of the Year

BALTIMOREDec. 3, 2021PRLog — Career Communications Group (CCG) — BEYA recognizes outstanding achievements in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). This year, the Black Engineer of the Year Award goes to a successful engineer who has used his knowledge and power to mentor interns from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Theodore “Ted” Colbert III, executive vice president of The Boeing Company and president and CEO of Boeing Global Services, will receive the award during the BEYA STEM Conference in February 2022. The award has been presented for more than 30 years to leaders who have made significant contributions to STEM talent development.

Following the announcement of the 2022 Black Engineer of the Year, STEM City USA—Career Communications Group’s city in the sky—hosted a welcome ceremony for the newest member of the club of Black Engineers of the Year. Ted said he had made it a mission to bring on board more leaders in technology and aerospace. He also told past BEYA winners that as a chief information officer (CIO) at Boeing he worked to change the face of information technology (IT), replacing minority leaders with minority leaders and women leaders with women leaders.

Ted is currently the vice-chair of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TCMF) and working to secure millions of dollars in funding to help recruit more students. During the spring of 2020, Colbert shared with LinkedIn his pride in speaking to a group of students from HBCUs who were beginning an internship with Boeing as part of the Boeing | TCMF Scholar program. Ted wrote glowingly of a partnership that will help the interns impact Boeing and the entire aerospace industry.

“It’s opened up a new world of possibilities,” Ted said during a US Black Engineer magazine interview. “The fact of the matter is all the data says that diverse organizations are more successful. Diverse companies, diverse boards, deliver more innovation to our society.”

The 36th Black Engineer of the Year Award will be presented at the BEYA Gala on Saturday, Feb. 19, at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C.

About the BEYA STEM Conference

The BEYA STEM Conference is produced by Career Communications Group in partnership with the Council of Engineering Deans of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and corporate sponsor Lockheed Martin Corporation. This year, Career Communications Group is proud to present the digital twin, or DTX, experience. This new model allows attendees to choose whether they would like to attend the conference in person or digitally. All events will be live on the online platform, reflecting what is happening in person!

About Career Communications Group, Inc.

Career Communications Group, Inc. is a leading media company that supports employers in promoting diversity in STEM fields through conferences and publications, such as US Black Engineer magazine. As nationally renowned experts and thought leaders, Career Communications Group also provides consultative support and expertise with its internal strategies and programs. Visit

About STEM City USA

Powered by Career Communications Group, STEM City USA builds on its best practices and content, including the Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA) and Women of Color in STEM conferences. STEM City USA combines the physical and digital worlds with unique digital moments (DIM). Experts in creating DIM experiences for audiences, Career Communications Group’s STEM City USA is designed to provide information on health, job training, professional mentoring, and lifestyle support. The DIMs (digital in the moments) are designed with rich content that delivers an immersive experience where people make up a diverse digital community.

In Honor of October 2021, National Bullying Prevention Month, Author and Educator Dr. Elana Ashley Relaunches “Big Bully Holly Howler”

Dr. Elana Ashley is a highly inspiring, multifaceted woman who is especially fond of children and art. She is the President of Dream Image Press, LLC, an interactive educational organization that includes the writing and publication of books and other written works, the creation and exhibition of original artwork, and the presentation of educational and entertaining programs/events for both children and adults. Dr. Ashley uses her background as an educator, author, artist, storyteller and ventriloquist to deliver an important lesson on bullying in her children’s series Splunkunio Splunkey Detective and Peacemaker. She relaunches her second book Case Two: Big Bully Holly Howler.
Dr. Ashley and her puppets take us on a lesson-filled adventure that teaches us to be nice to everyone, including those who may not be nice to us. The story opens with Ellie Elephant who is very upset with a new student at her school. Holly Howler is acting badly with everyone – shoving other children to get ahead in the lunch line, grabbing the basketball when children are playing at recess, taking property that belongs to other kids… In a nutshell, Holly is a bully! However, Detective and Peacemaker Splunkunio Splunkey’s advice to Ellie leads to Holly’s change of heart.
The book takes a unique approach to the topic of bullying and bullies. Splunkey instills in Ellie and the readers the importance of using kindness and compassion when talking and interacting with others. Everyone can change for the better when high values form the foundation for their words and actions.  In addition, Ashley’s puppet storybook characters are living the lives of real-life students – walking, talking and interacting outside and throughout the school – in the classroom, the lunchroom, the gymnasium, the hallways, the entrance to the school… The photographs are delightful expressions of everyday living and learning, which immediately grab the attention of young children.
Ashley’s book has been strategically relaunched during National Bullying Prevention Month (October) to open the eyes of children and adults to the reality of bullying and its adverse effects, to provide prevention strategies, and to broadcast messages of hope and meaningful transformation to people everywhere.
Along with her extraordinary puppet crew, Ashley combines storytelling with original poems and songs to present programs that simultaneously engage and delight audiences. The author has presented lectures and programs on the subject of Bullying – Comprehension, Prevention, Intervention and Resolution.  Her article “How I Created My Anti-Bullying Campaign and Where It Is Headed” was featured in the November 2020 issue of the magazine Northbrook Living. In 2020-2021, the Global Forum for Education and Learning (GFEL) nominated Dr. Elana Ashley as one of the Top 100 Visionaries in Education.
Buy the book at:
Splunkunio Splunkey Detective and Peacemaker Case Two: Big Bully Holly Howler
Author: Dr. Elana Ashley
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: October 2021
Book Genre: Children’s Book

About the Author:

Dr. Elana Ashley is a multifaceted entrepreneur – educator, author, artist, actress, storyteller, poet, song writer and ventriloquist – who teaches adults and children of all ages strategies for coping with everyday issues. With the help of her thoughtful, wise and supportive puppet team, Ashley provides instructional and entertaining lectures, workshops and performances at schools, colleges, libraries, park districts, health centers and many other community organizations in the Chicago, Illinois area, as well as throughout the United States.

Honor Mamath brings journalist Jessie White into the spotlight with book “I Remember the Risorgimento”

Get a glimpse of the Risorgimento through the accounts of Jessie White.

Jessie White Mario, an Englishwoman (and later naturalized Italian) who is hailed as a heroine of Italy’s unification, is immortalized in the book “I Remember the Risorgimento” (Xlibris; 2020) by Honor Mamath. The author happens to be related to Jessie White’s aunt, Louise Biden.
Jessie White, made herself a name in journalism as the first woman correspondent for the London Daily News and the New York Evening Post from 1854 to 1860 and The Nation for forty years afterwards. She dedicated herself to the Risorgimento (Italian unification). She also served as a nurse to Garibaldi’s soldiers.
“I Remember the Risorgimento” is a historical account based on the experiences of Jessie White in the Italian peninsula during the Risorgimento. The novel talks about the danger of war, political intrigues, and a surprise romance, and features a strong feminine component. The names, places, and events in the book come from Jessie’s summary printed in the New Castle Daily Chronicle in 1861.
Be inspired by the story and adventure of Jessie White, who dedicated her life and works to the independence and unification of Italy. Order the book “I Remember the Risorgimento” today on this website

I Remember the Risorgimento
Author | Honor Mamath
Published date | July 13, 2020
Publisher | Xlibris
Book retail price | $16.99
Author Bio
Honor Mamath lived in Europe in the 1960s when the U.S. President Kennedy was assassinated. Since that shock to the world, she’s been interested in what history can teach us. As a substitute teacher in history, English, and science classes at high schools in California, her experience in education inspires her plots and stories. She is also the author of the novel “Privilege meets Politics.”