Get a glimpse of the Risorgimento through the accounts of Jessie White.

Jessie White Mario, an Englishwoman (and later naturalized Italian) who is hailed as a heroine of Italy’s unification, is immortalized in the book “I Remember the Risorgimento” (Xlibris; 2020) by Honor Mamath. The author happens to be related to Jessie White’s aunt, Louise Biden.
Jessie White, made herself a name in journalism as the first woman correspondent for the London Daily News and the New York Evening Post from 1854 to 1860 and The Nation for forty years afterwards. She dedicated herself to the Risorgimento (Italian unification). She also served as a nurse to Garibaldi’s soldiers.
“I Remember the Risorgimento” is a historical account based on the experiences of Jessie White in the Italian peninsula during the Risorgimento. The novel talks about the danger of war, political intrigues, and a surprise romance, and features a strong feminine component. The names, places, and events in the book come from Jessie’s summary printed in the New Castle Daily Chronicle in 1861.
Be inspired by the story and adventure of Jessie White, who dedicated her life and works to the independence and unification of Italy. Order the book “I Remember the Risorgimento” today on this website

I Remember the Risorgimento
Author | Honor Mamath
Published date | July 13, 2020
Publisher | Xlibris
Book retail price | $16.99
Author Bio
Honor Mamath lived in Europe in the 1960s when the U.S. President Kennedy was assassinated. Since that shock to the world, she’s been interested in what history can teach us. As a substitute teacher in history, English, and science classes at high schools in California, her experience in education inspires her plots and stories. She is also the author of the novel “Privilege meets Politics.”