Film Hatch Media Works with the Adventurous Sarah Mirza

Film Hatch Media welcomes Sarah Mirza with open arms as she undertakes to share her story on spirituality, hope, and positivity to the world with her book, “Lord Santa’s


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Film Hatch Media is a video production agency focusing on providing clients with utmost service in their pursuit to tell stories, share insights, and exchange valuable trust with their anticipated audience. One such storyteller that catches the company’s radar is Sarah Mirza with her perceptive understanding of life and spirituality.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway,” according to Sarah Mirza.

Mirza was born in the UK in 1952 to a family of 7. Her parents and 4 siblings moved to Australia, but she decided to stay behind. Although she misses her family, being an Aquarian helps her out of her loneliness.

Always up to challenging herself, Mirza delves into the depths of her psyche and deals with emotional baggage as a common pastime. Spiritual faith, practice, and meditation nurture her survival and growth.

Despite being seen as a strong woman, she admits to fears and a lack of self-esteem. She had always been told that her independent spirit and intellect were too threatening, but that didn’t stop her from meeting the man of her life or attaining the best she can of her precious life.

A traveler with a penchant for the outdoors who once stayed overseas, Mirza returned to her dear Yorkshire and settled in Sheffield. Since her spiritual awakening in 1992, she has continuously practiced and studied numerous spiritual and religious readings and philosophies that unveil her view of the world.

With a career built in public service, she was once a teacher then moved into the Metropolitan Police for more challenges, and then went to work for Victims of Crime. She is currently in the National Health Service.

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Film Hatch Media Introduces a Story with Life-Altering Lessons of Childhood

Film Hatch Media embraces Ngozika Eze’s gripping story full of intriguing twists and turns illustrating how children can know the differences between good and bad behavior

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Film Hatch Media is a top-tier production house in this industry with elevating standards and works with the best team that maintains development to fulfill the desires of public and calling markets. This recognized agency with outstanding ideas exceeds the line in promoting exclusive and commendable works, such as Ngozika Eze’s book, to the public.

“An Invitation from the Fairy” shows how people cannot escape the possible outcomes of their choices. This story takes the readers on a stirring journey, demonstrating that good traits and ethical values must be introduced in children early in life. The author uses animals in a humorous and exciting way to teach children the distinctions between right and wrong practices.

This fantasy children’s fairytale book talks about the animals who are invited by fairy Maime after she discovers their indecent behavior on the farm. The fairy devises a plan to exploit the invitation to her home as an opportunity to tame the animals. She begins instructing them on proper behavior, which appeared to be a challenging task for some misbehaving animals in the farmyard who attempted to halt her invitations.

Will this fairy be successful?

An Invitation from the Fairy is an absorbing tale full of intriguing plot and twists. The author takes the animals on an emotional journey of life which shows that, in life, it is very important to be kind and well-behaved.

It’s a gripping and thrilling story with unique narrative plots. The way it deals with the importance of being kindness and positive behavior is different from that of many other novels. This read is truly exclusive and a must-read for all ages.


“An Invitation From the Fairy”

Written by Ngozika Eze

Published Date: October 23, 2020

Paperback: $20.33


About the Author

Ngozika was born in the city of Birmingham in the UK. She was continually writing stories and painting pictures since she was seven years old. She pursued her passion for writing children’s stories despite being a zoologist and pediatric nurse.

Film Hatch Media Presents an Illuminating Guide to Advance Chess

Payback: $35.96

About the Author

Chess was taught to Siafa B. Neal by his Late father, David Franklin Neal, Sr. Over the years, chess became boring and he was searching for new styles of chess that were more interesting and complex. As a result of his efforts, he invented Advance 3-D Matrix Vector Logistics Chess which is an art form of chess played on several types of game board models. Each distinct model has its distinct rules and regulations for play. He is currently publishing several books on Model III, The Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model. This space-aged model allows for the engagements of four (4) separate chess game sets all at the same instant. In other words, he may challenge four chess players instantaneously and spontaneously in a match; this means that he would have to CHECKMATE his opponent(s) at least the best of three out of four times to be declared the winner of the match. Each chess set has distinct color bands to distinguish one from the other.

The author is attempting to raise the awareness of chess to higher levels of cognitive dynamics. His books allow chess readers who crave for hours of game entertainment to have mind-boggling and mind-baffling fun.

Film Hatch Media Shares A Tale Beloved By Young Readers

Film Hatch Media is a famed video production company that helps authors bring their stories to life on screen. It includes a vast range of services to help its clients produce the best possible features of their work.

“The Magic of the Old Oak Tree” is a perfect adventure for those who have difficulty fitting in at school. It makes you imagine a wonderful world beneath the usual things.

The story begins with the boys visiting their grandmother, who is secretly married to Mr. Stimer, the caretaker of the ancient oak tree. Since they were newborns, Rodger and Jacob have had to relocate to various places around the United States.

The children had a particularly tough time adjusting in South Carolina especially because it was the first time their father was unable to accompany them. One advantage of the move was that the family would be closer to the grandparents. The boys, on the other hand, still had not quite settled in when they returned home after school. They were always sad.

Before going to sleep at night, Jacob insisted on hearing a bedtime tale. As a result, their mother would make up these fantastic stories featuring the boys as the central protagonists. In the evenings when they couldn’t sleep, this cheered them up. Later on, the boys realize that the Oak Tree is truly magical, and the magic is created by little angel children from heaven known as Quislings.

Read Donna Sim’s wonderful tale, “The Magic of the Old Oak Tree,” and enable yourself to hope for a world where you can connect true happiness with real life.

“The Magic of the Old Oak Tree”
Written by Donna Sims
Published by Balboa Press
Published Date: January 24, 2017
Paperback: $23.95

Film Hatch Media Values Roxsane Tiernan’s Perspective on a Life of Misfortune

Film Hatch Media is an independently-owned film creation and video production agency that is talented and versatile in the field. Its team of professional writers excels in the film industry through quality screenplays. The company delivers profound content and interactive experiences on screens of all sizes in every type of environment. Tiernan’s “Zip”  is one story that encourages bravery and positivity.
Life is not fair, but you have to stay patient with it because it is not finished with you yet. Tiernan’s book is empowering, especially for children in similar situations.
“Zip” is a memoir of the titular frail little girl growing up to become such a headstrong, smart, independent woman. Her life has been eventful and packed with challenges, but it made her who she is. 
Zip’s father was committed to the arrival of a strong, intelligent son and heir. He wasn’t exactly pleased when she was born. As expected in a strongly patriarchal household, Zip’s mother is a slave to her husband and tries hard to take care of all her children.
Pneumonia, measles, and chickenpox – Zip got these all before she turned one year. She’d been abused in her childhood. She has experienced unfortunate circumstances her whole life, but she chose to rise above them all. Whenever she gets hurt, confused, angry – she chooses to look for a course to take, another door to open, a meaningful project, a different focus. For her, that is much better than fussing over things because she believes, eventually, they will sort.
This story is realistic and inspirational, endowing readers with many lessons on how to deal with life in an optimistic way.
Written by Roxsane Tiernan
Published by Xlibris US
Published Date: August 20, 2015
About the Author
Roxsane is an energetic, compulsive, hard-working 75-year-old. She has caring, community-oriented siblings, two wonderful daughters, and five grandchildren. Her wide circle of friends is scattered all over the globe and at home, she has a wonderful man named, Bill, who makes her life complete. Roxsane’s early life was challenging but she completed her Teacher’s training at UBC, taught in a one-room ungraded [Grades 18] school on Harrison Lake, married George Dheilly, and together they raised three beautiful daughters. The youngest, Marcia, died of a brain tumor in 1981. Their marriage fell apart in 1983/1984. Needing to find more meaning in her life after the girls left home she decided to go back to University to finish her B.Ed. and get back to the most meaningful career she could find, teaching at the high school level. Since then she has worked in Mexico, traveled extensively, and taught international students and immigrants before retiring to become a prolific artist and author.