Film Hatch Media embraces Ngozika Eze’s gripping story full of intriguing twists and turns illustrating how children can know the differences between good and bad behavior

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“An Invitation from the Fairy” shows how people cannot escape the possible outcomes of their choices. This story takes the readers on a stirring journey, demonstrating that good traits and ethical values must be introduced in children early in life. The author uses animals in a humorous and exciting way to teach children the distinctions between right and wrong practices.

This fantasy children’s fairytale book talks about the animals who are invited by fairy Maime after she discovers their indecent behavior on the farm. The fairy devises a plan to exploit the invitation to her home as an opportunity to tame the animals. She begins instructing them on proper behavior, which appeared to be a challenging task for some misbehaving animals in the farmyard who attempted to halt her invitations.

Will this fairy be successful?

An Invitation from the Fairy is an absorbing tale full of intriguing plot and twists. The author takes the animals on an emotional journey of life which shows that, in life, it is very important to be kind and well-behaved.

It’s a gripping and thrilling story with unique narrative plots. The way it deals with the importance of being kindness and positive behavior is different from that of many other novels. This read is truly exclusive and a must-read for all ages.


“An Invitation From the Fairy”

Written by Ngozika Eze

Published Date: October 23, 2020

Paperback: $20.33


About the Author

Ngozika was born in the city of Birmingham in the UK. She was continually writing stories and painting pictures since she was seven years old. She pursued her passion for writing children’s stories despite being a zoologist and pediatric nurse.