Film Hatch Media is a film company that takes pride in its top-notch press releases, screenplays, and book trailers. They are experienced in their field and are sure to give one of the best services. As they continue to seek out unique books that create an impact on the world, Liana Laga’s “F*ck the System, Make Love: (R)evolution of Consciousness” has drawn their attention.
“F*ck the System, Make Love: (R)evolution of Consciousness” is a one-of-a-kind book that touches issues other authors may not even be bold enough to mention. Liana Laga creates a masterpiece through this powerful piece where she unveils the damage humanity has done to the world that they should be protecting. The author says: “Life is a game, but it is hard to play with people who don’t know the rules.”
F*ck the System, Make Love: (R)evolution of Consciousness’ frankness will leave the readers stunned. It’s shocking but true. The author illustrates humanity’s cruelty. Amidst this, she invites the readers to start reforming and fixing what has been done. Her inspiring words can ignite the fire within you.
The changes that everyone needs to do start at an individual level. As the author herself admitted: “This book was not written to be liked. It should be, above all, understood.” Will you join her or will you continue ruining this beautiful world?
“F*ck the System”
Written by Liana Laga
Publisher:  BalboaPress
Date Published: December 9, 2018
Payback: $24.99