Film Hatch Media is an independent film industry known for its global level services. Their teams of professionals are always ready to serve their clients to the best of their abilities. They are hardworking and proficient in their fields. Film Hatch Media is always on the lookout for fresh talents. Kurt D. Miller’s children’s book “Matthew and the Magical Star” has piqued their curiosity.
“Matthew and the Magical Star” revolves around a young angel named Matthew. He is pure and happy but falls because of heartbreak and anger. It takes the readers to the world of angels, fallen angels, and God. It’s enjoyable and easy to read. It can be read for leisure or for a bedtime story.
Kurt D. Miller’s “Matthew and the Magical Star” is much more than any other children’s book. It teaches the young readers about the darkness of anger and the light of salvation. It teaches them that it is never too late to walk the right path.
The story of the birth of Jesus Christ is one that is repeated every Christmas but never has it been retold through this perspective. “Matthew and the Magical Star” is hilarious but also meaningful. This is a tale perfect for both children and adults alike – learning to comprehend the depth of faith and learning to hope for the power of healing.
“Matthew and the Magical Star”
Written by Kurt D. Miller
Publisher:  Rushmore Press
Date Published: will be released this summer
Payback: $8.95
About the Author
The story is where it all begins. With the birth of the author’s first grandchild, Matthew, and the need to give him something special was born the story “Matthew and the Magical Star.”

Kurt D. Miller realized that it had been some time since anyone had written a new Christmas story. He had never written a story, short or otherwise, but there seemed to be something that needed to be said to the children about the important things of Christmas.

Having been born and raised in a small Midwestern town, Kurt had a kind of innocence about the world and the future. He moved to New England in 1967, compliments of the US Navy, and fell in love with its charm, amenities, and friendly people. He is now proud to be called a New Englander. He was lucky enough to raise three fantastic children there and watch them start families of their own. Kurt is having a great time watching his grandchildren grow, and this story will give them something to enjoy for the rest of their lives.