Film Hatch Media is a film production company that celebrates the deep connection of humanity and its experience with the world. From ideas that spring in a creative mind to stories that provoke a passionate heart, the agency never lets inspiration slip from its careful system. Now, FHM is ready to pursue KJ Hauk’s magical tale of how a talking tree guides living beings on how to take care of the environment.
“Stumperland” tells the story of how Woodward Stumphingham created his own magical place where the sick and the dying creatures of nature could run to and find life – hence the title being a land after his own name.
Stumpingham is an old sequoia tree whose long experiences in life echo through his thoughtful words and wise judgments. His age came with knowledge and wisdom gained only by those who have lived long enough, and Stumpingham fears that the earth might perish if he cannot pass on the secrets he had learned.
Stumphingham acquires the help of his positive force team whose mission is to get into the real world and destroy the Negators, those who go about their lives not caring about saving the earth. This team is made up of six heroes – the chimpanzees Mooki and Dookie, the duty truck Doolie brothers, and two orphan boys Malibu Mitch and Mikey. Together, they venture into the world reprimanding the destructive and educating the receptive.
KJ Hauk’s “Stumperland” is truly a work of art that brings humanity and nature hand-in-hand with inspiring lines and heartwarming songs. This book is a read that will surely leave an impression on those who desire to save the very planet they live on. After all, if Earth falls to its destruction, where will you go?
Written by KJ Hauk
Published by Global Summit House
Publication Date: September 18, 2020
Paperback: $14.99
About the Author:
Ken Hauk or KJ Hauk is an American comic artist who has a love & passion for writing since he was a kid. KJ Hauk has been writing over 30 years, he has a poetry book published besides “Stumperland” which is entitled “Faith, Family & Friends.” He also worked in the Hollywood movie industry for over 15 yrs. He’s a journeyman carpenter by trade, he’s also into real estate and ran his own landscape/contracting company for 25 years.