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About the Author

Chess was taught to Siafa B. Neal by his Late father, David Franklin Neal, Sr. Over the years, chess became boring and he was searching for new styles of chess that were more interesting and complex. As a result of his efforts, he invented Advance 3-D Matrix Vector Logistics Chess which is an art form of chess played on several types of game board models. Each distinct model has its distinct rules and regulations for play. He is currently publishing several books on Model III, The Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model. This space-aged model allows for the engagements of four (4) separate chess game sets all at the same instant. In other words, he may challenge four chess players instantaneously and spontaneously in a match; this means that he would have to CHECKMATE his opponent(s) at least the best of three out of four times to be declared the winner of the match. Each chess set has distinct color bands to distinguish one from the other.

The author is attempting to raise the awareness of chess to higher levels of cognitive dynamics. His books allow chess readers who crave for hours of game entertainment to have mind-boggling and mind-baffling fun.