Viral Couple Prasad & Deepika Vedpathak known as Prasika.

Mumbai, Maharashtra Nov 30, 2021 (  – Not often do you come across school friends who work together and create successful startups, How often do you find them living together as Husband & Wife ? Seldom right. Here is a power couple whose childhood love has helped them create sensational careers and a reputed brand name in the social media world. We recently came across this Mumbai based Maharashtrian famous couple who are well known by their social media username ‘Prasika’ . Prasika this word is the combination of their individual names Prasad & Deepika. It all began with Prasad’s interest in creating content who is well known as Ur IndianConsumer aka UIC on YouTube which was created back in 2014. The channel showcases relatable content resonating with every Indian household that made Prasad’s family [Vedpathak’s] the first Indian family to share their personal life details in the form of vlogs – UICVlogs. From technology to Lifestyle vlogging and now into couple comedy this couple has seen it all in terms of social media content creation. At present, Prasika is a brand that’s not just limited to one social media platform. You can find their presence on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok etc. It consists of a team of a total of six members from scriptwriters to accountants, everyone is a part of the couple’s success story.

Within a year, Prasad and Deepika Vedpathak have gained a humongous response for their hilarious and relatable content that goes viral soon upon its release. But such a massive response wouldn’t have been possible without the struggle this couple has been through. Today ‘Prasikas jokes’ & ‘Lunch With Prasika’ a food segment are surely the winners amongst the entire content generated. Their videos have a huge fanbase on YouTube and Instagram alike with videos often making it to the trending section. Their popularity has grown so much especially in the Maharashtrian community that people have started naming their newborns as Prasika. [Ref. article]

Married since 2015, the couple has grown bigger and better with each other’s support & love. Deepika who was working in Mantralaya left her job when their YouTube channel gained immense popularity back in 2016 and the rest is history. The sincerity and honesty with which this couple presents themselves surely have to be their USP and the same seems to be appreciated by Lakhs of people who love them unconditionally. This inspirational couple has documented their struggling days which can be found on youtube by the name ‘WTV’ & ‘UICVlogs’, these videos are proving to be a road map for millions of youngsters who aspire to live a dream life with their loved ones.

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