From the Ground Up Books and Mystic Bliss Creations Expand to Shepherdsville, KY

 Event Details:

Grand Opening Party

Date: Saturday, May 18, 2024

Time: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM EDT

Location: 160 Frank E Simon Avenue, Shepherdsville, Kentucky, USA

Venue: From the Ground Up Books/Mystic Bliss Creations

What to Expect:

Join From the Ground Up Books for an unforgettable celebration as they unveil their brand-new bookstore/gift shop concept. From the Ground Up Books and Resources is more than just a place to purchase books; it’s a vibrant hub that fosters creativity, learning, and community engagement. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Meet Lynn Tincher: Their passionate founder, Lynn, will be present to share her vision for the new store and answer any questions you may have.

Meet Missy Steier: Their jewelry maker, owner of Mystic Bliss Creations and Reiki Master will be preset to answer your questions.

Explore Unique Gifts: Discover a curated selection of books, unique gifts, and holistic items and services.

Connect with Fellow Book Lovers: Engage with like-minded individuals who share your love for literature.

From the Ground Up Books and Resources LLC believes in the transformative power of words. Whether you’re an aspiring writer, a seasoned reader, or simply seeking inspiration, their Shepherdsville location promises to be a sanctuary where stories come alive.

About From the Ground Up Books and Resources:

From the Ground Up Books and Resources LLC is not only a new and used bookstore and gift shop, it is also committed to nurturing the literary community. Our mission is to create a space where imagination thrives. With a focus on education, holistic services through Mystic Bliss Creations, and community building, we invite you to embark on this journey with us.

About Lynn Tincher:

Lynn Tincher is an Author, Publisher, Podcaster, Bookstore Owner, Public Speaker, and Film Executive Producer. AFTERTHOUGHTS, the first book in her Mind-Bending Series, was optioned for film by Kilted Pictures. The short film of the same name was a finalist for the Imadjinn Award in Film and was shown in the Louisville International Festival of Film, Show Low, Pasadena International, Imaginarium, and Worldfest Houston Film Festivals where it won the REMI Award. Her book, The Devil’s Mark, was a finalist for the Best Thriller Imadjinn Award. Lynn has appeared center page for a story in Leo Weekly and has appeared in Today’s Woman Magazine. She also is the Associate Publisher for Stardust Romance, an imprint of Hydra Publications. As a public speaker, Lynn has developed and teaches classes on interviewing characters, and speaks at schools and other events. She currently writes, edits, and designs book covers and is the Executive Producer and Co-host for Weirdos in the Wild, a paranormal podcast.

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Higher Ground Books & Media Announces the Release of “I Am Passover,” by Ron Isaacs

 “I Am Passover: A Mindfulness Journey,” by Ron Isaacs is now available on Kindle and for pre-order in the HGBM Shop. Passover, the Jewish festival of freedom celebrates the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. To commemorate the Exodus, a book called the Haggadah is read aloud at the Passover seder meal. A key line in the book states, “That in every generation every person should feel personally redeemed from Egypt.” I am Passover: A Mindfulness Journey explores the origins of the Passover holiday and the spiritual traits that it embodies.

Ron Isaacs, known as “the teaching rabbi,” has published more than 125 books that make learning and lore easily accessible to readers of all ages and beliefs. From his Every Person’s Guide to Judaism series to Ask the Rabbi, to Do Animals Have Souls, his books are invaluable sources of information and definitive reference works for people of all faiths. His children’s picture book with Karen Rostoker Gruber (Farmer Kobi’s Hanukkah Match) was named one of the Best Children’s Books of 2015 by the Bureau of Education and Research. He currently serves Beth Judah Temple in Wildwood New Jersey as its spiritual leader and also works for Stein Hospice in his role called Chords of Comfort, bringing his song and guitar to put a smile on the face of his clients. He can be reached at and one can follow his blogs at

Higher Ground Books & Media is an independent publisher based in Springfield, OH. We publish stories that are inspirational, educational, and motivational. Our work is Christian-based, and we strive to share stories of positive transformation that showcase God’s power in our lives. You can find more information about this title and others offered by HGBM at

Higher Ground Books & Media

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“Gaining the High Ground over Evolutionism” by Robert J. O’Keefe will be featured at the Tucson Festival of Books in 2022

Columbus, OH – WEBWIRE

The book “Gaining the High Ground over Evolutionism” (PageTurner Press and Media, 2019) by Robert J. O’Keefe will be featured at the Tucson Festival of Books in Spring 2022. This book explores the controversy surrounding the origin of the universe, earth, and all living things. The question about where one comes from is relevant to many others that affect society, the world, and life in general, but, as the author notes, the attempt to explain all that exists in natural cause and effect terms is incapable of answering why they exist, and how they exist is generally beyond any means of empirical verification.

O’Keefe discusses how the hidden ideological nature of the topic of origins moves it beyond the realm of science and begins to address it by reviewing the scientific revolution and its implications in Western thought, studying the interpretation of Genesis 1, and describing relevant aspects of the history of geology, biology, and astronomy.

O’Keefe’s overview of science as a method of learning, discusses the scientific method as it applies to natural history. He examines how the court system has dealt with the controversy and clarifies how scientific reasoning cannot be a natural process and how scientific knowledge cannot be a product of natural causes.

“Gaining the High Ground over Evolutionism” expands the scope of inquiry beyond the confines of science and shows that the concept of a creator requires more seriousness than post-Enlightenment science and philosophy have ever thought necessary. The accompanying workbook is the educational resource that will help teachers and students put today’s anti-creation bias in its place.

Gaining the High Ground over Evolutionism

Author | Robert J. O’Keefe

Genre |Science, Philosophy

Publisher | PageTurner Press and Media

Published date | October 2019

Interested? Grab a copy of Robert J. O’Keefe’s “Gaining the High Ground over Evolutionism” on Amazon and come visit the upcoming Tucson Festival of Books in 2022.

Ground Source Energy and Aecon announce new Indigenous-led partnership

Calgary, Alberta – WEBWIRE

Aecon Group Inc. (TSX: ARE) announced today Ground Source Energy (GSE), a Metis-owned and operated business, and Aecon GeoExchange Solutions have entered into a partnership to pursue geoexchange energy projects.

The partnership will provide an Indigenous-led solution for superior engineering, detailed energy modelling and expert installation execution for geoexchange projects in Canada.   

Geoexchange systems, also referred to as geothermal heat pumps or ground source heat pumps, are a safe, reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional fossil fuel powered heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Further information about geoexchange solutions is available at

“Building on our successful working relationship, partnering with Aecon is a natural progression,” said Shane Kinch, President, Ground Source Energy. “This partnership builds a foundation for us to participate on larger, full-scope projects across Canada – enabling optimal utilization and sustainability of our current business lines and fleet.”

“Geoexchange is emerging as a leading solution for commercial, institutional, and industrial clients seeking to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, optimize energy costs, lower or eliminate fossil fuel dependence and achieve sustainability targets,” said Eric MacDonald, Executive Vice President, Utilities, Aecon Group Inc. “Aecon looks forward to successfully pursuing geoexchange energy opportunities with Ground Source Energy and delivering innovative, clean energy projects which support the transition to a net-zero economy.”   

About Aecon GeoExchange Solutions

Aecon GeoExchange Solutions (AGS) is uniquely positioned in the ground source heat pump market to provide complete geoexchange system installation goods and services, including design assistance capabilities. AGS has a proven track record providing turnkey solutions for small, medium and large-scale projects. Facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships with Indigenous organizations and businesses is an integral part of Aecon’s action towards true and lasting reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. 

About Ground Source Energy

Ground Source Energy (GSE) is a Certified Aboriginal Business based in Cochrane, Alberta. With over 40 years of experience, GSE has earned its place as experts in geoexchange and geothermal drilling with clients and other contractors alike, achieving success on the largest geothermal projects across Canada.

Higher Ground Books & Media Presents Efficiency and Organization by Ruzanna Krdilyan Hernandez, Ed.D

 Now Available on Kindle and for Paperback Pre-Order.

Life is very short. In order to get the most out of our lived experience, we have to experience a lot in a short period of time. To experience and live life to the fullest, we have to manage our time well – we have to be efficient with every minute we spend awake. To build that efficiency, we need to develop organizational skills. The purpose of this book, Efficiency and Organization: To Achieve More in Life, is to guide, inspire, and give step-by-step strategies for building organizational skills that will lead to efficiency, which will lead to a more balanced life.

Ruzanna Krdilyan Hernandez’s goal is to impart her knowledge with anyone who wants to achieve as much as possible in a short period of time. She credits her development of organizational skills over the years to accomplish many personal and professional goals in her life. She comes from a humble immigrant background to being a successful middle-class mother of two, living in a wonderful community in Southern California. She is currently serving as a public school principal while owning a small business, being a mother of two children, maintaining her home and her personal relationships. This book’s goal is to help readers be inspired and reflect upon their own lives to make changes as they see fit. Ruzanna wants to empower women everywhere to fight and pursue their dreams because they deserve it.

Higher Ground Books & Media is an independent publisher based in Springfield, OH. We publish stories that are inspirational, educational, and motivational! Our work is Christian-based, and we strive to share stories of positive transformation that showcase God’s power in our lives. You can find more information about this title and others offered by HGBM at

Higher Ground Books & Media

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