Now Available on Kindle and for Paperback Pre-Order, I Am Hanukkah: A Mindfulness Journey by Ron Isaacs. This Hanukkah story was inspired by Peter Yarrow’s Hanukkah Song “Light One Candle” with the chorus “don’t let the lights go out.” “I Am Hanukkah” explores why Hanukkah was created as one of the newest of Jewish holidays and the spiritual traits that embody the holiday.

The Prophet Isaiah speaks about the Israelite mission to be “a light unto the nations.” “I am Hanukkah” is intended to take readers on a journey of visualization. The child in the story comes to realize through gazing at the Hanukkah candles that each of us is capable of bringing our own unique light into the world and spreading it to those in dark places.

Ron Isaacs, known as “the teaching rabbi” has published more than 120 books that make learning and lore easily accessible to readers of all ages and beliefs. From his Every Person’s Guide to Judaism series to Ask the Rabbi, to Do Animals Have Souls, his books are invaluable sources of information and definitive reference works for people of all faiths. His children’s picture book with Karen Rostoker Gruber (Farmer Kobi’s Hanukkah Match) was named one of the Best Children’s Books of 2015 by the Bureau of Education and Research. He currently serves Beth Judah Temple in Wildwood New Jersey as its spiritual leader and also works for Stein Hospice in his role called Chords of Comfort, bringing his song and guitar to put a smile on the face of his clients. He can be reached at and one can follow his blogs at

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