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The book “Gaining the High Ground over Evolutionism” (PageTurner Press and Media, 2019) by Robert J. O’Keefe will be featured at the Tucson Festival of Books in Spring 2022. This book explores the controversy surrounding the origin of the universe, earth, and all living things. The question about where one comes from is relevant to many others that affect society, the world, and life in general, but, as the author notes, the attempt to explain all that exists in natural cause and effect terms is incapable of answering why they exist, and how they exist is generally beyond any means of empirical verification.

O’Keefe discusses how the hidden ideological nature of the topic of origins moves it beyond the realm of science and begins to address it by reviewing the scientific revolution and its implications in Western thought, studying the interpretation of Genesis 1, and describing relevant aspects of the history of geology, biology, and astronomy.

O’Keefe’s overview of science as a method of learning, discusses the scientific method as it applies to natural history. He examines how the court system has dealt with the controversy and clarifies how scientific reasoning cannot be a natural process and how scientific knowledge cannot be a product of natural causes.

“Gaining the High Ground over Evolutionism” expands the scope of inquiry beyond the confines of science and shows that the concept of a creator requires more seriousness than post-Enlightenment science and philosophy have ever thought necessary. The accompanying workbook is the educational resource that will help teachers and students put today’s anti-creation bias in its place.

Gaining the High Ground over Evolutionism

Author | Robert J. O’Keefe

Genre |Science, Philosophy

Publisher | PageTurner Press and Media

Published date | October 2019

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