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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.April 14, 2023PRLog — How many times in your life have you come across something which has drawn you in, deeply impressed you, and blown your mind with its power and energy? Like me, very few, probably. More intriguingly, what if that experience came about as a result of unexpected circumstances almost beyond your control, and took you in another direction? Now that IS interesting!

As a well-known figure much in demand within the fast-paced world of television, film, and literature, based in Newport Beach, California Candace Chambers-Belida has established herself as an effervescent, engaging, and inspirational advocate promoting the secrets of achieving success through personal relationships and overcoming adversity with her first book “The Secret Codes of Conduct for Marriage,” and her second book “Dare To Stand,” that highlighted her struggle and courage she had when her husband David Belida was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Finding her solace in faith she “Dared To Stand” believing in God. With a myriad of speaking engagements, she encouraged others to find their hidden strength in God, recognizing that “God Is The Final Authority Over All Things In Our Life.”

“Fast Forward” to today, she now faces a new change in circumstances, uncharted territory. She found herself taking on the new role of sole caregiver to her aging mother. This is emotionally tough and demanding which has enormous difficulties and challenges. However, from these challenges arose an extraordinary change in direction – a desire to find a place to cope with that change. Candace states “Art was birthed through her sadness and agony of watching the slow deterioration of her “Beautiful Beloved Mother” through dementia and aging, flooded by memories of an earlier time, she states that God saw her in her agony and spoke to her and said, “See things the way I see things, vibrant and full of life and color.”

From that moment forth she was spiritually stirred and embarked on a new journey. Her sadness was turned to exuberant joy and God surrounded her with an anointing. Through the move of God, the glory of God was shown and demonstrated through her paintings and her inner emotions were released. She would classify her art as “Happiness and Blissful Joy.”

Since sharing her artwork on Instagram, Candace has been inundated with outside interest and desire to purchase, promote and display her work around the world. She is thrilled to have recently signed a representation contract with the prestigious “Monat Gallery” in Madrid, Spain to display her works at their forthcoming tour exhibitions in Paris, Miami, Milan, and Monaco which first start in September 2023. This newfound gift as an artist has given her another exciting path and inspiration to follow in her fascinating journey through life. I would encourage you to view Candace’s surprisingly diverse artistic styles, demonstrating her natural instinct for creating works of impressionable energy and powerful emotions through her clever use of vibrant colors and techniques on her site:

Irresistibly Magazine
Nelson Whaley- Content Strategist/Lifestyles Writer-London
Instagram: @CandaceArtCollections

Nelson Whaley/Candace Chambers-Belida

Art Scene West Gallery Exhibition

 Art Scene West Gallery is pleased to present abstract expressionist mixed media artworks by local artist Monique Santander.

Monique Santander is a Chilean American artist, who has resided in Solana Beach since 2015. Monique came to United States in 1979, pursuing her creative dream in New York City. Her abstract art is known internationally for her expression in color, form and movement. Monique has exhibited in Chile, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Canada and at various galleries in Miami Beach, New York City and the Hamptons.

She paints intuitively but meticulously, layering layers of textures, colors and marks while following her feelings and connection to herself, to the colors and the canvas. She loves experimenting with different color combinations, new techniques and new ways to apply the color onto the canvas.

This exhibition is representative of a fresh energy and excitement in the Solana Beach Design District, where Art Scene West Gallery is promoting local art creation and collaboration.

Art Scene West

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National Gallery reunites Veronese painting with Italian church for the first time in 200 years in digital exhibition

Gallery F

7 March 2022 – 3 April 2022

Admission free, ticketed

The National Gallery is to bring a sixteenth-century altarpiece back to the chapel for which it was created, for the first time in over 200 years, through a new digital experience.

Visitors to the Gallery will experience Veronese’s painting The Consecration of Saint Nicholas as it would have been seen in its original Italian church setting in 1562 by using virtual reality headsets. The free digital exhibition will be available in 20-minute ticketed sessions that will be available from the Gallery’s website from late January.

Through this innovative experience, visitors will be able to see the painting in its original chapel in the church of San Benedetto al Po, near Mantua, and explore the beautiful frescoes and architecture that once surrounded it.  Visitors will be able to choose from one of two virtual guides who will lead them through the experience: our curator, Dr Rebecca Gill, who explores the painting and frescoes, or the historical figure of Abbot Asola, who commissioned the painting from Veronese and reveals the threat facing the monastery at the time.  

’Virtual Veronese’, which creates a 3D model of the chapel, began as a research and development project looking at how the Gallery can share research with a wider audience by using immersive technologies to explore new ways of telling its stories.

Veronese’s ’The Consecration of Saint Nicholas’ was commissioned in 1561 as an altarpiece to hang in San Benedetto al Po, the abbey church of one of the largest and most important Benedictine monasteries in Europe.

The church had been radically remodelled and enlarged in 1539 by Giulio Romano, Raphael’s prime pupil and himself a great painter and architect.

The altarpiece remained in San Benedetto al Po until the 1820s, when it was removed from the church during the Napoleonic Wars.

The digital experience is accompanied by a recording of Gregorian chant, performed by Veneti Cantores. The piece of music is taken from a choral book that was produced at San Benedetto al Po in the 1560s and is therefore contemporary with Veronese’s altarpiece. The music that you hear is the same as that performed by the monks nearly 500 years ago.

Lawrence Chiles, Head of Digital at the National Gallery, London, says: ’‘Virtual Veronese’ has enabled us to understand how immersive storytelling can add depth of experience, meaning, and emotion to Gallery visitors’ engagement with our paintings.’

Dr Rebecca Gill, Ahmanson Curator in Art and Religion (August 2016 – March 2020), at the National Gallery, London, says: ’Through this project we are able to bring architecture into the Gallery and allow our visitors to explore for themselves what it might have been like to stand in front of Veronese’s painting some 500 years ago.’

’Virtual Veronese’ is curated by Dr Rebecca Gill, Ahmanson Curator in Art and Religion (August 2016 – March 2020), at the National Gallery, London.

This experience is for visitors aged 13 years or over.

Commissioned by the National Gallery and StoryFutures

Virtual Veronese was commissioned as part of the Gallery’s partnership with StoryFutures, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Creative Cluster’s programme to drive innovation and growth in the UK’s creative economy.

Virtual Veronese is an exciting example of new forms of research and development funded by the AHRC’s Creative Cluster’s programme.

The immersive experience was developed and produced by Focal Point VR,

Supported by Howard and Roberta Ahmanson



’Virtual Veronese’

7 March 2022 – 3 April 2022

The National Gallery

Gallery F

Admission free, ticketed

Ticketing details to be announced in January.

This exhibition will be a free to enter experience, available to visitors who have booked Gallery Entry tickets as well as tickets to other Gallery exhibitions. Simply make your way to Gallery Room F to enjoy Virtual Veronese

StoryFutures is led by Royal Holloway, University of London and is part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Creative Industries Clusters Programme. Funded by the government’s industrial strategy challenge fund and based in the ‘Gateway Cluster’ immediately to the west of London it is focused on delivering game changing R&D projects.

About the painting

Paolo Veronese 

’The Consecration of Saint Nicholas’, 1562

Oil on canvas, 286.5 x 175.3 cm

Saint Nicholas lived in the fourth century and was a bishop of Myra, on the southern coast of modern Turkey. His relics were taken from Myra to Bari in Italy in 1087 and remain there today, which is why he is known as Saint Nicholas of Bari. He is the model of our Santa Claus because of a legend that he secretly made a gift of dowries to thee impoverished young women.

Veronese’s (1528–1588) painting shows Nicholas’s consecration as bishop, as told in the ’Golden Legend’. On the eve of the election of a new bishop at Myra, a voice revealed that a pious youth called Nicholas had been divinely chosen and would be the first to appear at the cathedral door in the morning.

Veronese depicts the entrance of the cathedral, where the senior bishop consecrates Nicholas, who kneels wearing a robe of emerald green, flanked by two older priests in white surplices. An angel descends with a bishop’s mitre (hat), stole (scarf-like vestment) and crosier (staff), proving that Nicholas has been chosen by God. The turbans worn by two of the witnesses show the story is taking place in Asia Minor. The consecration of Saint Nicholas is included in cycles of paintings of his life, but this is the only known independent painting of the subject. It seems to have been chosen to illustrate the importance of the call to the priesthood, and of God’s authority vested in a bishop.

Saint Nicholas kneels at the lowest point of the deep ‘V’ shape formed by the figures. The brilliant green of his robe is included elsewhere, creating a pattern of colour which, with the repeated rich pink, blue and white, draws our eye around the composition. Tiny dots and brushstrokes of white and yellow suggest the striped gold fabric covering the shoulders of the senior bishop. Streaks of white and grey define the folds and form of the foremost priest’s brightly lit white robe. Veronese paints just enough detail and then allows our eyes to do the rest.

Giorgio Vasari, the 16th-century artists‘ biographer, highly praised this painting in his ’Lives of the Artists’. It was painted for the abbey church of S. Benedetto Po, just south of Mantua, following its reconstruction under the direction of Giulio Romano. Veronese was commissioned on 27 December 1561 to paint three altarpieces with subjects from the lives of Saint Nicholas, Saint Anthony Abbot and Saint Jerome. A transcription of a lost document recording the commission says they were to be painted in the best available colours and specifies the payment the artist was to receive.

Veronese received final payment for the altarpieces on 30 March 1562, so he either started before the commission was formally recorded or he worked at incredible speed, the three paintings only taking him three months. The original architectural frames, which may have been designed by Giulio Romano, are lost.

The altarpiece of Saint Nicholas was taken from the abbey church and sold on the orders of Napoleon Bonaparte, when the French general took Mantua in 1797. It was purchased in 1811 by the governors of the ’British Institution for Promoting the Fine Arts in the United Kingdom‘. It was the first Old Master painting to be acquired by them, and they intended it to adorn a ’future National Gallery’.

CircaArts Gallery Re-Launches with Responsive Website

Circa Art Gallery Logo

Circa Art Gallery Logo

SOUTH BEND, Ind.Oct. 4, 2021PRLogCircaArts Gallery announces a new, updated website located at  which showcases works of art exhibited on the gallery floor at 528 E. Colfax Ave. The new website features dynamic responsive design engineered by the local website design powerhouse, Precept Partners. Of special note, the new website puts emphasis not on shopping art related transactions, but on more personal relationship based design facets that encourage communication between CircaArts and its clients.

CircaArts Art & Tile Gallery, Carpenter Gothic, Vintage Twill and CircaArts Gallery

The CircaArts Gallery, is a sophisticated yet approachable gallery, representing regional artists with an emphasis on artisans working within the Arts & Crafts movement.  Carpenter Gothic works are created from unrelated, found objects and architectural details. They are constructed to form one-of-a-kind furniture and decorative elements. Carpenter Gothic also sells antiques and collectibles, both large and small.  Vintage Twill is a vintage clothing and accessories gallery showcasing men’s and women’s vintage clothing, coats and accessories.

CircaArts is located in the East Bank Village, on the east side of downtown South Bend.  It’s the building with a well known mural featured on the side Hill Street side. CircaArts Gallery was founded in 2001. The gallery represented 60 local artists of all kinds, and artwork at all price points.

Over time, the gallery represented fewer artists and went to higher quality and price points. At that moment in time, a key decision was made to concentrate on the Arts & Crafts movement (as in Frank Lloyd Wright) aesthetic. The result was a targeted look and that hosted regional artisans in that tradition. Decorative tiles, landscape paintings and oak furniture are hallmarks of the gallery content. Kathy Reddy White, the owner of the gallery, is a tile maker, so her Ziggurat Tiles line fit in perfectly with the newly refined approach. Win win!

CircaArts Gallery partnered with Junk Evolution until they retired. Carpenter Gothic Furniture took their place. The gallery also partners with Vintage Twill, (vintage clothing). The experience of three gallery approach housed at one location makes the trip an especially rewarding experience.

About CircaArts Gallery:

Founded in 2001 by Kathy Reddy White, CircaArts Gallery is a sophisticated yet approachable gallery, representing regional artists with an emphasis on artisans working within the Arts & Crafts movement.  Included within the CircaArts Gallery is an ecosystem of regional artisans in that tradition. Decorative tiles, landscape paintings and oak furniture are hallmarks of the gallery content. Also featured is Carpenter Gothic antiques and collectibles, and Vintage Twill, (vintage clothing).

About Precept Partners:

Precept Partners

develops and manages the design, implementation and marketing of industry leading websites for clients in retail, manufacturing, professional services and non-profit sectors. Their client awards include the Inc. 500, Internet Retailer 500, The Webby, and the Top 100 Best Retail Websites Award, with recognition in The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Inc. Magazine, NPR, Internet Retailer, and other national media.

With 20 years of success and experience in the online channel, Precept is uniquely qualified to help you grow your business. Precept expertise includes Internet strategy, responsive website design and development, plus online marketing and related web security services. Ready to get started? Contact Precept for a free consultation.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated through virtual medium several development projects including redeveloped Gandhinagar Capital Railway Station in Gujarat and Aquatic Gallery, Robotic Gallery and Nature Park at Science City Ahmedabad

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today inaugurated several development projects in Gujarat through the virtual medium. These projects include the newly redeveloped Gandhinagar Capital Railway Station and the Aquatic Gallery, Robotic Gallery and Nature Park at Science City Ahmedabad. Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah also attended the program through video conferencing. On this occasion, Shri Shah said today is a very joyous day for the whole of Gujarat and especially for all citizens of Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency. After 35 years, complete rejuvenation of Gandhinagar Railway Station is going to take place at the hands of the Prime Minister. When the idea of ​​this railway station was conceived and the original plan was created and later when construction began, many people thought it was a courage of engineering. However, today this courage has been successful and it is being inaugurated by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

The Union Home Minister said when Shri Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, his insistence and goal was to make all development works in Gujarat of world class and planning was done accordingly. As a result of this, many development-oriented world-class projects have been made in Gujarat today, which are exemplary in the whole world and today this scheme has also been added to it. Shri Amit Shah said the redevelopment project of Gandhinagar Capital Railway Station has cost about Rs. 800 crore and the Five star hotel built with it, will boost infrastructure and tourism in Gandhinagar. The Railways have completed many projects in Gujarat after Shri Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister. Recently, after the world’s tallest statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel came on the global stage, the Railways have also done the work of connecting eight important places of the country and today the work of connecting Gandhinagar with the city of Baba Vishwanath, Varanasi is also completed. Along with this, a Mainline Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) service train will also be started between Gandhinagar and Veretha, which will prove to be very useful for the people. Gauge conversion and electrification of the Mehsana-Veretha railway section and electrification of the Surendranagar-Pipavav section are also being inaugurated today, this will further the goals of railway gauge conversion and electrification.

Shri Amit Shah said the Aquatic Gallery and Robotic Gallery at the Science City will prove to be very important for students interested in Science. An effort has been made to present the robotics industry and its dimensions in a very beautiful and elegant way before small children in an area of ​​about 11 thousand square meters in the Robotics Gallery. It shows many uses of robots from the human-robot dialogue to agriculture, space, defence and other fields. In the Aquatic Gallery, an important task of satisfying children’s curiosity about the marine world, from whales in about 40 lakh liters of water, is going to be completed in Science City today. Along with this, the Nature Park is also going to be inaugurated at the hands of the Prime Minister today at an expenditure of Rs. 13 crore in an area of about 8 hectares. There are plans to convert it into a biological park as well.

It is a matter of great fortune for the Union Home Minister that world class development projects are being started in his constituency of Gandhinagar. Shri Amit Shah said that for this he expresses his heartfelt gratitude to the Prime Minister on behalf of the people of Gujarat and Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency. This this gift you are giving to the people will prove to be very useful for all voters of Gandhinagar constituency. And a new dimension will be created in the development of Gujarat. Shri Shah also expressed his gratitude to the Government of Gujarat.


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