Dr. Elizabeth M. Clamon Shares Life Story with Life-Changing Advice at Book Signing During L.A. Times Festival of Books 2023

Dr. Elizabeth M. Clamon is an award-winning speaker and author who has had a spotlight on CBS, NBC and several speaking events. Her book, Beauty Rising from Brokenness, is a part memoir and part motivational book that shares a holistic approach to self-healing personal trauma and the chronic illnesses that come with it. Her book was last exhibited at the prestigious Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, where she even signed copies of her work.

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a totally engrossing, interesting book that will have you turning pages quickly as Elizabeth takes you through her journey, from broken to healed, from despair to happiness enlightenment and joy. She will help you begin your own journey of healing, no matter where you are in that process. This is a must-read for anyone whos been through trauma, who feels lost or who is truly broken. There is hope, and Beauty Rising From Brokenness is the answer. – Lee Tkachuk, Award-Winning CEO, Best-Sellin

Plenty of new motivational self-help books were found in the exhibits at the recently-concluded L.A. Times Festival of Books 2023. The authors actively promote awareness of mental health as well as the importance of a more holistic approach to personal care.

For award-winning speaker Dr. Elizabeth M. Clamon, her self-help book Beauty Rising from Brokenness: Journey through Childhood Trauma to Chronic Illness into Healing also serves to tell her life story as an example of what a journey of healing really looks like.

In Beauty Rising from Brokenness, Dr. Clamon honestly opens about how she had been broken throughout most of her life. She grew up with a single mother with no knowledge of who her father was. The stress of her birth led to an inherited stress from childhood all the way to her adult life.

It is a book that certainly doesnt hide the ugly facts about how her childhood trauma manifested in her behavior. She struggled with anger management, depression and chronic illnesses. It was only much later, after enduring so much, that she finally made the big decision to find real freedom.

The trials she went through are certainly a stark contrast to the happy, motorcycle-riding grandma that she is today. Dr. Clamon has been featured on CBS and ABC and is has been sought out by various organizations for her expertise in naturopathy.

It only made sense that she would personally share her story at the L.A. Festival of Books while also meeting fairgoers during her book signing session, organized by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet.

Beauty Rising from Brokenness: Journey through Childhood Trauma to Chronic Illness into Healing by Elizabeth M. Clamon is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For those who want to know whats next on Dr. Elizabeth M. Clamons agenda, they can check out her website at https://theclamongroup.com/.

Beauty Rising from Brokenness: Journey through Childhood Trauma to Chronic Illness into Healing
Author | Elizabeth M. Clamon
Published date | 11/14/2018
Publisher | Author Academy Elite
Genre |Self-Help

Author Bio
Straight from the backwoods of the bayous of Louisiana, Dr. Elizabeth Clamon is an avid motorcycle-riding grandma and serial entrepreneur with a servants heart. Elizabeth Clamon has been featured on NBC, ABC, Fox, and CBS. She has been sought out for her expertise by Weight Watchers and the Department of Defense. Though she admits she cant spell to save her life, she nonetheless is a multiple time #1 international best-selling author and award winning speaker. She has survived a traumatic, abusive childhood, chronic illnesses & severe pain, caused by multiple auto accidents, one that left her bedridden for 12 years!

Elizabeth Scott’s Newly Released “Blessing’s Gift” is a Helpful Narrative That Aids Young Readers in Learning How to Cope with Loved Ones Facing Illness

 “Blessing’s Gift”: a precious tale of a loving student and a beloved teacher. “Blessing’s Gift” is the creation of published author Elizabeth Scott, a dedicated wife and resident of Georgia.

Scott shares, “Blessing’s favorite teacher is sick, and she wants to give her teacher something special to let her know how much Blessing cares. But what can she give? With some imagination and help from her mother, Blessing finds the perfect gift. Blessing’s story encourages children to show care and love to those around them who are faced with serious illness in thoughtful ways.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Elizabeth Scott’s new book features charming artwork created by Rachel Dowling.

Scott shares in hope of aiding upcoming generations in learning how to navigate the complexities of caring for someone going through a challenging illness.

Consumers can purchase “Blessing’s Gift” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “Blessing’s Gift,” contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.

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Hong Kong – Queen Elizabeth Hospital missing patient found

Queen Elizabeth Hospital missing patient found


The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:

     The spokesman for Queen Elizabeth Hospital made the following update announcement today (August 19) regarding a patient leaving the hospital without notification:

     An 81-year-old female patient who left the hospital without notification yesterday afternoon (August 18) had returned home at 8.20pm this evening.   


Hong Kong – Queen Elizabeth Hospital public appeal regarding in-patient found missing

Queen Elizabeth Hospital public appeal regarding in-patient found missing


The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:

     The spokesperson for Queen Elizabeth Hospital made the following appeal today (January 14) regarding an in-patient found missing: 

     A female patient aged 16 was admitted to pediatric ward in Queen Elizabeth Hospital on January 12. She left the ward on January 13 at around 09.50 pm. Hospital security guards were mobilised to search within the hospital compound but was unable to locate her. The hospital reported to the Police for assistance on the same day.


     The patient is about 1.5 metres tall.  She has black hair and with normal mobility. She was last seen wearing a patient top, with yellow jacket and white skirt.


     The hospital appeals to the public to contact the Police or call the hospital hotline at 3506 8944 if they know the whereabouts of the patient.


     The hospital will continue to fully cooperate with the Police to locate the patient. Patient Relations Officer will provide necessary assistance to the patient’s family.


Elizabeth Arkward Newton Releases “The Little Boy Who Wished God Had Not Given Him a Brain”

This is a narrative about a boy who had no intention whatsoever to use his brain. Well, unless if it were connected to his world of make-believe. He kept complaining that he did not know how to dress himself or how to put on his coat. It was even difficult to put his shoes on the right feet or to button his shirt up correctly. It was a constant trouble for him, on top of all that, his mother expected him to brush his hair and to brush his teeth. And even wished that God had given him a toy instead of a brain. Utilizing his brain will take too much time away from his make-believe fantasy world. Therefore, he wished he did not have a brain. He was convinced that he would be fine without a brain in his own opinion.

Find out more in the book, the consequences he encountered when he keeps depending on his mom on everything he does until an unexpected surprise happened in the family.

Let alone the story can stir up any child’s imagination and can arouse intrigue. The story teaches young readers about diligence and self-reliance as well as being independent. The book features unique hand-drawn illustrations by Patrick Lawrence Newton that will help young readers to follow.

The storybook is great pick-up for anyone who enjoys reading illustrated narratives. A welcome addition to your collection or library. Own a copy today!

Book available at: https://youronlinepublicist.com/product/the-little-boy-who-wished-god-had-not-given-him-a-brain-big-momma-books-by-elizabeth-arkward-newton/

The Little Boy Who Wished God Had Not Given Him A Brain
Author: Elizabeth Arkward Newton
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: April 2021
Genre: Children’s Book
Target Audience: Children age 4 to 8.

About the Author
Elizabeth Arkward Newton, the youngest of eight children; she was born in Lyndhurst, Virginia and raised in the valley of the Afton Mountains. Her primary and secondary education was in the public school systems of Albemarle and Nelson Counties. High school education was provided by the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament at Saint Francis De Sales (Castle on the James River) in Powhatan, Virginia. Saint Francis De Sales was an all girls’ prep-high school founded by Saint Katharine Drexel in 1891 for disadvantaged African American and Indian girls. The school was designed to promote dignity, self-respect and a high degree of Christian education.