Charlotte Woman Launches Witness My Life Project to Tell Stories of Black Women

 Witness My Life launches its brand in Charlotte by telling the stories of black women.

The Witness My Life Project is a showcase of women’s stories told through a story prompt t-shirt – which functions like a declaration. The project launches in Charlotte with a photoshoot to feature the women and to mark their journeys.

Participants’ stories along with their photos will be shared throughout social media and the Charlotte region.

Story Shirts include:

Based on a Love Story: Stories of all kinds of love (persons, places or things).

Based on a True Story: Stories of true events that had a direct or indirect effect on you.

Based on a Survivor Story: Stories of pulling through any type of adversity.

Based on a War Story: Stories of battles (real and imagined).

Based on an Immigrant Story: Stories of fitting in and standing out.

Based on a Coming Out Story: Stories of coming to terms with one’s identity.

Based on an Ancestor Story: Stories of ancestry, challenging norms and/or embracing history.

See Me Because I Matter: Stories of feeling invisible (unseen, unheard, not validated).

Witness My Life: Stories of moving beyond labels, shattering stereotypes and systems.

To aid in storytelling, the women will receive instruction from Witness My Life founder and storytelling strategist, Shereese Floyd, who will guide the women through a storytelling framework dubbed the “Harriet Tubman” Moment.

“Has there ever been a greater moment in history to hear black women’s stories? This Project is about sharing women’s stories beyond labels and expectations. I don’t want to live in a world where anyone feels invisible, undervalued, not seen and heard. This Project is about asking the world to be a witness to our lives, but not waiting around for permission,” says Shereese Floyd.

The Witness My Life Project is expected to travel to select cities in North Carolina to engage and tell more women’s stories.

Witness My Life

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Charlotte Earth Day 2022

 Free and open to the community, Charlotte Earth Day 2022 will be Saturday, April 23, 2022 in First Ward Park. This will be an interactive, science-based, theatrically presented family learning celebration.

This event is tailored to both adults and children ages 5-15. Upon arriving, each participating child will receive a free Earth Passport to be used in their search for information about our life-sustaining ecosystems. The children will be encouraged to visit all five knowledge stations to discover more about earth, water, air, energy and leadership in ways that engage the imagination, inspire action, and encourage good stewardship.

The event will pay respect to local indigenous cultures as well as recognize and honor local women of environmental vision and action with a special dedication to Anne Springs Close, Elizabeth Clarkson and Liz Hair. There will be both an opening (10am) and closing (2pm) parade featuring the Paper Hand Puppets, Drumstrong, and United House of Prayer Shout Band. There will be a variety of performers on the main stage and throughout the park, including an appearance by The Trashman.

The Omimeo MimeTheatre is producing this event in cooperation with the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department, This event is made possible in part by a Cultural Vision Grant from the Arts & Science Council and the generous contributions of The Springsteen Foundation and Clean Aire NC.


Hardin Minor


Charlotte Earth Day 2020

Hardin Minor



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Author Charlotte Sustar Has Written a Collection of Short Stories That Will Reintroduce Readers to Christian Values


The “Love Bunny’s” is a collection of stories about three small bunnies that each have their personality. Runner, who gets himself into a lot of trouble by leaping into things without thinking. Mellow, or Mel for short, the family’s mediator, and Emosha, the family’s daughter, who is sensitive and fearful. Mom and Dad are devoted Christians who believe in God, Jesus Christ (the Son of God), and the Bible (The Word of God). These stories are meant to motivate children to read God’s word and love one another by instilling confidence in them.


Through a series of short stories with various lessons and messages, The Love Bunny teaches Christian values and reintroduces God’s word to children and adults alike. Charlotte will teach readers to believe in God even in the face of a dangerous circumstance to be truthful, thoughtful of others, and to grow like Christ via this wonderful family. It also has bright pictures that will keep the interest of younger children.


“It is my concern today that God has been taken out of our schools and country. Morals are depleted. America is losing its power and strength because we are falling away. Through the Love Bunny stories, I pray children will know the power and love of Jesus. I hope to encourage them to read His word and believe in Him.”—Charlotte writes.


Charlotte will enthrall not just the mind; but also the hearts and souls of everyone who trust in God.


Buy the book at:


The Love Bunny’s: A Series of Stories

Author: Charlotte Sustar

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: January 2022

Book Genre: Children’s Book, Religion & Spirituality


About the Author:

Charlotte Sustar, the author and illustrator of “The Love Bunny’s: A Series of Stories” was born in Charlotte, N.C. Through life’s journey, she experienced difficult and trying times. However, she turned to God and His Son Jesus Christ for deliverance. She knew the Word of God and had a personal relationship with God and Jesus, God’s son, whom He sent to die on the cross for our sins. She believes God’s Word, Matthew 28: 20, teaching them to “observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” Also, Isaiah 54: 17 (NKJV).

Charlotte had a heart for children and desired to do God’s will. She was a substitute teacher for the Elementary and High School grades in the Union County area for years. God called her into the inner-city centers to teach the children of His Word, feed, play games, and love on them for about 8 years. She taught children that were forced into gangs and felt unloved, rejected, and feeling of no value. Christ, through her, also loved on them and through His Word, brought them to their salvation. She was informed of violence and shootings by them and reassured them that “Jesus Is the Way Out.”

Charlotte, NC Author Publishes Vietnam Combat Memoir

In My Boots and Through My Eyes: A Year of Combat in Vietnam, a new book by John C. Berkhoudt, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

Author John C. Berkhoudt spent one year in combat as a first lieutenant infantry platoon leader in Vietnam. In My Boots and Through My Eyes is a collection of poetry, short stories, and ponderings during enlistment, training, combat, and home. This insightful work portrays a raw view of life in the jungles of Vietnam during the war. From the horrors to the small moments of joy, Berkhoudt’s journey is expressed with passion and reflectiveness that anyone could learn a thing or two from.

About the Author

John C. Berkhoudt was born and raised in western New York and has two sons. He moved to North Carolina in 2004 and married his first “girlfriend” whom he met at age three. After returning from Vietnam, Berkhoudt resumed teaching junior high school. He later did his master’s work at Cornell’s Industrial Labor Relations school and has taught Labor Relations in their extension program. He worked as a Labor Relations Specialist for NYSUT (New York State United Teachers) for over thirty years.

In his spare time, Berkhoudt enjoys reading, writing, friendships, and thinking.

In My Boots and Through My Eyes: A Year of Combat in Vietnam is a 188-page hardcover with a retail price of $43.00. The ISBN is 978-1-6491-3744-9. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For members of the press, to request a review copy, visit our virtual pressroom at or to buy the book visit our online bookstore at

Little Heroes Blood Drive in Honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to Take Place Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Mark Spain Real Estate is partnering with 107.9 The Link, WBT 1110 AM, and WFNZ Sports Radio to host a blood drive at the Harris Teeter Dog House Powered by Coca-Cola.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The Life Saving Challenge is a movement to have 30 blood drives in September as blood donations are critical in treating pediatric cancer patients. Popular Charlotte radio stations 1079 The Link, WFNZ Sports Radio and WBT 1110 AM, in partnership with Mark Spain Real Estate, will host the Little Heroes Blood Drive from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, September 29, 2020.

Reservations are encouraged for social distancing. It will be held at the Harris Teeter Dog House Powered by Coca-Cola, located at 401 W. Moorehead Street in Charlotte, NC. Attendees should look for the One Blood “Big Red Bus.”

Those who donate blood will be rewarded for their kindness. All donors receive two pairs of One Blood Cancer Awareness socks, a free $10 eGift card and a complimentary wellness checkup. The free checkup includes a COVID-19 antibody test, as well as blood pressure, pulse, temperature, iron count and cholesterol screenings. Additionally, a $10 donation will be made to the Isabella Santos Foundation.

“Supporting causes that improve the lives of children are always near and dear to our heart,” said Mark Spain Real Estate Founder and CEO Mark Spain, who is a father of five. “And so is giving back to the communities in which we serve. We are proud to take part in this blood drive to improve the lives of children fighting pediatric cancer in the Charlotte region.”

Mark Spain Real Estate expanded into the Charlotte real estate market in early 2018 and has already tripled the size of its office space earlier this year. Additionally, the firm made its first appearance on Charlotte’s Top 25 Real Estate Companies list for most closed transactions in 2019. The annual list was compiled and published this spring in the Charlotte Business Journal. Last month, Mark Spain Real Estate was honored with placing on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in the United States, for the fifth straight year.

Available blood donor slots for this single day event are expected to fill quickly. To make a reservation, call 1-888-9-DONATE or visit More details can also be found at, or