Witness My Life launches its brand in Charlotte by telling the stories of black women.

The Witness My Life Project is a showcase of women’s stories told through a story prompt t-shirt – which functions like a declaration. The project launches in Charlotte with a photoshoot to feature the women and to mark their journeys.

Participants’ stories along with their photos will be shared throughout social media and the Charlotte region.

Story Shirts include:

Based on a Love Story: Stories of all kinds of love (persons, places or things).

Based on a True Story: Stories of true events that had a direct or indirect effect on you.

Based on a Survivor Story: Stories of pulling through any type of adversity.

Based on a War Story: Stories of battles (real and imagined).

Based on an Immigrant Story: Stories of fitting in and standing out.

Based on a Coming Out Story: Stories of coming to terms with one’s identity.

Based on an Ancestor Story: Stories of ancestry, challenging norms and/or embracing history.

See Me Because I Matter: Stories of feeling invisible (unseen, unheard, not validated).

Witness My Life: Stories of moving beyond labels, shattering stereotypes and systems.

To aid in storytelling, the women will receive instruction from Witness My Life founder and storytelling strategist, Shereese Floyd, who will guide the women through a storytelling framework dubbed the “Harriet Tubman” Moment.

“Has there ever been a greater moment in history to hear black women’s stories? This Project is about sharing women’s stories beyond labels and expectations. I don’t want to live in a world where anyone feels invisible, undervalued, not seen and heard. This Project is about asking the world to be a witness to our lives, but not waiting around for permission,” says Shereese Floyd.

The Witness My Life Project is expected to travel to select cities in North Carolina to engage and tell more women’s stories.

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