DAO1 Token Now Available on Major Decentralized and Centralized Exchanges

DAO1, the innovative socio-economic blockchain infrastructure project has successfully listed its native token on leading exchanges after successful token sale completion on YFDAI Launchpad

Singapore, 10 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The community- led blockchain project for financial innovation and inclusiveness, DAO1 has announced the listing of its tokens on four major exchange platforms on 7th June 2021. Starting 5 PM UTC on the listing day, users were able to buy and sell DAO1 on Uniswap, YFDAI’s SafeSwap and Matic based QuickSwap decentralized exchange platforms. DAO1 also became available for trading on BarterTrade.io the same day.

The listing and commencement of trading of DAO1 tokens on multiple exchange platforms closely follows the recent successful completion of DAO1 Initial Launchpad Offering (ILO) on the YFDAI Launchpad platform. The ILO consisting of token pre-sale and public sale events went live on May 24, 2021 starting with a week-long pre-sale, which was soon followed by the public sale that was held from June 1, 2021 till June 5, 2021.  The ILO helped DAO1 raise over $2 million USDT, a majority of which will be used for product development, marketing and to fund innovative startups through hackathon and incubator programs.

As a new-age financial platform, DAO1 offers some of the most advanced products like the Decentralized Fund (DeF) with Hybrid Advisory, Crypto Startup and Venture Fund and attractive Staking and Yield Farming mechanisms capable of providing high APYs. In addition, DAO1’s Charity Collectible NFTs enables users and NFT creators to sell/auction their digital assets and contribute a percentage to causes and charitable organizations of their choice.

“The listing of DAO1 on Uniswap, QuickSwap, SafeSwap and BarterTrade is a huge step for our project as we prepare to launch the DAO-based governance model in the coming days. We received a great response from the crypto community who showed their enthusiasm for DAO1 and its vision by participating in the token sale. We will continue working on the project to introduce new features and listings on other major exchanges soon, “ said DAO1’s Chief Strategist Leo Georgievic.

DAO1 is also preparing to organize its first hackathon on June 30, 2021 where anyone with innovative blockchain related ideas can participate and stand to win prizes of up to 25,000 USDT and a place in soon to be launched DAO1 Incubator Program.  The applications for DAO1 International Blockchain Hackathon are open till June 18, 2021 at – https://hackathon.dao1.org/ 

The detailed guide to buying DAO1 on different platforms is available here-

Uniswap – https://dao1official.medium.com/with-dao1-getting-listed-on-june-7th-learn-how-to-buy-it-on-uniswap-1778c51e8827

SafeSwap – https://dao1official.medium.com/heres-how-you-buy-dao1-on-safeswap-once-it-gets-listed-5178b1a41e05

QuickSwap – https://dao1official.medium.com/how-to-buy-dao1-tokens-on-quickswap-starting-june-7-2021-47da7c24c9dd



About DAO1

DAO1 is an all-inclusive community-led socio economic blockchain architecture with tools like Decentralized Fund (DeF), Hybrid Advisory, Startup Funds, Incubator platform, and NFT Charity initiative that empower the community to pursue financial sovereignty under excellent governance from day-one.

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