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Flaunt yourself with Divvya D Kanakiyaa’s latest collection

Named behind the brainchild and designer Divvya D Kanakiyaa, this brand is a one stop shop for all Indian brides! She works towards “Silent luxury” that pays more attention to classic elements, such as craftsmanship and heritage. She believes that being subtle and less conspicuous to a point of completely avoiding “bling” is perhaps the way forward. Whether you’re looking for outfits to wear at sangeet, mehendi/haldi, cocktails, engagement, carnival etc. she has got you covered.

Specializing in capsule trousseau making, Divvya likes her brides to leave the running around and clothes woes to her and indulge in pampering themselves instead! Sustainable fashion is in vogue now but she has been following this motto since inception. She designs each garment in a manner that it can be reused and repeatedly worn for occasions. Her latest collection has 4 capsule collections – SUKRITI, AVANTI, TARA & MAITHILI, that is curated for the princess of today, a fierce princess warrior, the silhouettes are flowy, well draped and embellishments are empowering and vibrant. Passionate about Indian hand embroidery and the vintage Indian aesthetic, all her embroideries and embellishments are painstakingly handcrafted by the most skilled of artisans. Through her work, she aims at creating an appreciation for vintage techniques with modern silhouettes, some of which we are sure you have not even heard of!

MoU signed with 21 States/UTs for better functioning of Eklavya Model Residential Schools

An MoU was signed today between the Kerala State Eklavya Model Residential School Society and the National Education Society for Tribal Students (NESTS) for effective management of the Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) in Kerala. The MoU was signed by Shri Puneet Kumar, Principal Secretary, Scheduled Tribes Development Department, Government of Kerala and Shri. Asit Gopal, Commissioner, NESTS in the presence of Dr. Naval Jit Kapoor, Joint Secretary (EMRS), Ministry of Tribal Affairs in New Delhi today.

Out of 28 States, where EMRSs are being established, the NESTS has executed MoUs with 21 State/UT Governments as on date including Government of Kerala.  The signing of the MoU is the first step towards positioning of EMRSs as harbinger of tribal education in the remote tribal hinterlands and it would bring all States on a uniform and mutually agreed platform.

In his message, Sh. Arjun Munda, Minister of Tribal Affairs said that with the overarching vision of the Prime Minister to usher all round development in tribal areas, the scheme of EMRSs was revamped in 2018-19 to improve the geographical outreach of the programme and introduce several qualitative changes to improve learning outcomes in the schools. By the year 2022, there is a target of establishing 740 EMRSs across the country covering every block with 50% or more ST population and 20,000 or more tribal persons, benefitting around 3.5 lakh tribal students.

In her message, Smt Renuka Singh Saruta, Minister of State said that with this strategic partnership with State Governments, efforts are being taken to ensure holistic development of the students in both academic and extracurricular sphere will bear fruits. The EMRSs have become beacon of success in the tribal areas and emerging as a premier institution of Nation Building.

Sh. R. Subrahmanyam, Secretary Ministry of Tribal Affairs in his message conveyed that as part of revamping of the programme, several systemic changes have been introduced including construction of schools by central agencies, CBSE affiliation of the schools, recruitment of regular teaching and non-teaching staff, designing of school uniforms, capacity building of teachers, leadership development of principals, introduction of online/digital technologies in the schools.

Sh. Puneet Kumar, Principal Secretary ST development department, speaking on the occasion thanked the Ministry of Tribal affairs, Government of India for the overwhelming support through EMRS Scheme on behalf of the Government of Kerala and said that he looked forward to continued cooperation and support for the benefit of the tribal students by improving standards of teaching and improvements in Infrastructure of EMRSs.

EMRSs are a flagship intervention of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs to provide quality education to tribal students in remote tribal areas. The programme being implemented since 1998 have created a niche in the tribal education landscape of the country. However, the scheme was revamped in 2018 to improve the geographical outreach of the programme and introduce several qualitative changes to improve learning outcomes in the schools.

Currently there are 588 schools sanctioned across the country in 28 States/UT with around 73391 students enrolled in the Schools. Another 152 schools shall be sanctioned by the year 2022. Details of the schools can be seen on the dashboard of the Ministry available at

NESTS was established in April, 2019 as an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs to run and manage the schools. Ever since then, In order to ensure adequate availability of financial resources in the schools, the recurring cost per annum per student was enhanced to Rs. 1,09,000.00 in 2018-19 from the existing unit cost of Rs. 61,500.00 in 2017-18.With the increase in recurring cost and the construction grant it was imperative that the qualitative improvements in the running and management of the schools are initiated simultaneously. With the execution of MoU, the schools shall be eligible for higher recurring costs so as to ensure qualitative improvements in the schools.

Airfunding, a global donation-based crowdfunding platform launched its Airfunding CARES campaign in the Philippines.

As the Philippines is currently battling the after-effects of the destructive typhoons Rolly and Ulysses Airfunding, a global donation-based crowdfunding platform recently launched its company-sponsored charity drive named Airfunding Cares,  to help people affected by natural calamities and the global pandemic crisis. A recent relief effort was sent to Cagsawa, Daraga, Albay in the Philippines to help families hard hit by typhoon Rolly. Airfunding sent “Care Packs” to more than 100 families and distributed bread among young children in the streets leading to the area.

“These typhoons are devastatingly destructive, and our hearts goes out to millions of affected. Although our effort may not be enough, we are trying our best effort to bring in more help through donations from our millions of supporters across the globe”

Airfunding Cares is committed to raising $ 10,000 to help more people in the Philippines especially the Cagayan and Tuguegarao province who suffered the most because of the flooding brought about by typhoon Ulysses.

In addition to the company campaign, the site has also received more than 100 new projects for the same cause. Filipinos from all over the world created fundraising project on  Airfunding is a fundraising platform that specializes in small-scale projects made by individuals, groups, or local NGOs, for a personal cause, community initiative, an event, or just anything that needs funding.  It’s a keep-it-all crowdfunding platform, so project owners keep the entire amount collected even if the target hasn’t been met.


Why keep-it-all platform?  ” We believe that even a small amount of money would be a real help to project owners. That’s why we decided to make a keep-it-all platform. Our business model relies on tips from the supporter. It’s essentially just a commission but, when you support a project you can choose to tip a percentage of the amount.” – says Ryosuke Abe, CEO of Co-Founder of Kiheitai Inc., the parent group for Airfunding.

There is help beyond borders and barriers, Airfunding has over 10,000,000 supporters around the world and can be accessed in 200+ countries. Airfunding is free to use, anyone can register and start creating projects in less than 5 minutes. Airfunding hopes to attract more Filipinos to create more projects, whether for personal, for the community or for any cause (so that the world will see and send their support).


Visit their website at

Contact Information

Organization:     Airfunding by Kiheitai Inc.

Address:              Matsura bldg. 5F 1-9-6 Shiba Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0014 Japan

Phone:                 +81 03-6277-8045



Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils Flags off Freedom Education Van

Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils Flags off Freedom Education Van

Aims to bring awareness among the consumers about the adulteration in edible oils

Gemini Edibles and Fats India Pvt Ltd, the makers of Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils flags off Freedom Education Van to bring awareness among the consumers about the safety measures adopted by Freedom Healthy cooking oils and the perils of the adulterated edibles oils in the market. K. RameshArea Sales Manager, Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils flags off the Freedom Education Van in Telangana covering Warangal and Nizamabad districts.

The mission of the Freedom Education Van is to educate and protect our consumers from counterfeit and unhealthy adulterated edible oils, Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils has introduced Education Vans to spread the awareness about adulteration in edible oils in the rural and tier II cities. The Vans will travel to the designated location in the districts, educate consumers on the importance of identifying the original brands of edible oils and the benefits of choosing unadulterated cooking oils. They will also showcase the safety measure being taken by Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Kakinada & Krishnapatnam.

Consumers need to be made AWARE on how to identify the brand, by virtue of its brand name, packaging, design etc. It has been observed that, some manufacturers sell adulterated edible oils, intending to make money. This is done when some manufacturers of edible oils collude with the vendors and resort to supplying the adulterated products and pack them in counterfeit designs, colours, logos, and letters resembling the standard brand packs of some popular companies. Though the text ‘Refined Sunflower Oil’ is written on these packs, mostly inferior quality oil is placed inside. Nowadays in India, Sunflower oil is replacing the other oils due to its health benefits and ability to cook more food with less oil. However, as the price for Sunflower oil is higher, some unscrupulous players mix it with other cheap oils such as palm oil, castor oil and other in edible oils, retain the image of Sunflower oil on the pack and sell it at a lower price. As a consumer-oriented brand, Freedom took it upon themselves to reach-out to the consumers and educate them.

Speaking about the seriousness of this issue, Mr. P Chandrashekhara Reddy, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils said, “Freedom has always emphasised on consistency in quality of the edible oil. It has been observed of late that some players mix the more expensive Sunflower oil with cheaper variants to make unjustified profits putting the health of the consumers at risk. We urge the customers, not to be fooled by the image of sunflower oil on the pack, we should carefully read the brand name before purchasing the edible oil. The consumers should not be lured by lower price of the oil, as all standard brands that emphasise of consistency and quality may be available at a higher price as compared to adulterated oils. The Freedom Education Van is our effort to reach out to the customers to make them aware on how to identify their pack of Freedom, educate them on the safety measures maintained by Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils. Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil is manufactured hygienically in a state-of-art plant. Each batch undergoes 100 periodic and 24 batch level quality checks to ensure quality assurance and maintain your trust. So, we urge the consumers to choose right, choose only Freedom Refined Sunflower oil – a brand you trust and be safe or any other standard brand of Sunflower Oil.”

This Bengaluru man who sold all his assets to feed the poor

Syed Gulab has been serving free lunch to patients. attenders outside Indira Gandhi Children’s hospital in Bangalore for the past few years. He took to online crowdfunding through Milaap about 3-4 years ago to increase the help he could give out. Over time, his efforts were recognized by more than 5200 people across the world, who have supported his online fundraiser and helped him raise about Rs. 82 Lakh so far to help people in need.


Shortly after he returned from Dubai a few years ago, Syed started feeding about 100 people once a week, and now feeds hundreds and thousands every day. Despite the recent pandemic, he continued to feed thousands of wage workers every day, and give out thousands of ration and relief kits.


 “I have been raising funds on Milaap for 3-4 years now. We are feeding over 300 people a day where we used to feed 150. Even during the Covid crisis, we were able to distribute ration kits to over 10,000 migrant families and even opened a free clinic for patients who found most OPD’s shut. We are getting unimaginable support from people across the world. I Never thought we would reach this far and get so much recognition because of the trust Milaap has built,” said Gulab.


He initially realized the hardship when his niece was once admitted to a hospital, and the child’s poor parents would remain without food for days, due to lack of money. He witnessed similar instances with other poor families during his visit to the hospital and felt a desire to do something about it. Bengaluru is a hub for medical treatments, people from the remotest villages of the country flock here to avail quality healthcare for their loved ones. Without enough means to even keep the treatment going, sometimes, they lead a tough life, going hungry for days, and without a proper place to stay.

He has relentlessly been serving food to the hungry for years now and has sold his bike, his camera, and other valuables to keep the food drive going.


It’s Time for an Outdoor Patio Makeover by Just Patios

There’s more to the patio than being an extension of a house. It’s a living space where a household can get together during hot summer days. It’s also a place where friends and family can gather for a backyard barbeque party. The patio should provide sufficient lighting and weather protection to keep these simple gatherings more comfortable and enjoyable. A patio makeover might be long overdue.


Homeowners in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast regions are contacting Just Patios for comprehensive patio makeover services. The company is all ears when it comes to each client’s requirements. As a result, the team displays quality workmanship that exceeds client expectations.


Homeowners Can Expect Building Expertise


Just Patios has a team of professional patio builders who have 20 years of building experience under their belt. They can easily identify issues with existing patios and suggest solutions that improve the patio’s functionality. Upon implementation, these recommendations also increase property value.


The company’s customisable patio designs include:

  • Flyover Patio, which boosts air flow and natural lighting to an outdoor space
  • Flat/Skillion – Insulated Patio, which keeps the space substantially cool in summer
  • Skillion – Non-Insulated Patio, which is a no-frills design that adds extra living space
  • Gable Patio, which improves outdoor comfort and boosts outdoor aesthetic appeal


Homeowners May Choose the DIY Patio Kit


Just Patios also offers DIY kits for homeowners who would rather build or renovate their patio themselves. Each DIY kit includes an installation manual and a material list to make the actual build easier for the client.  All kits are built to last and backed with a warranty.


About Just Patios


Just Patios are a trusted provider of outdoor patio installation service and DIY patio kits in the Sunshine Coast and the Greater Brisbane Region. The company is privately owned and operated since 2002 and has steadily built a reputation for meticulous workmanship and friendly customer service.


The fully insured company is a long-time member of the Master Builders’ Association. It holds a QBCC license. It’s also registered with QBuild, Queensland’s leading provider of construction and building maintenance services. Request a free quote by visiting