Deputy Commissioner of Police encourages police officers to maintain Hong Kong’s stability and safeguard national security (with photos)


     The Deputy Commissioner (National Security), Ms Lau Chi-wai inspected the passing-out parade as Reviewing Officer at the Hong Kong Police College today (April 22). She encouraged the graduates to realise that the Force has developed from a disciplinary force maintaining law and order into a staunch and reliable law enforcement force safeguarding national security and ensuring Hong Kong’s stability.
     In her speech, Ms Lau reminded the graduates that peaceful days cannot be taken for granted. The riots in 2019 not only undermined the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong since its return to the Motherland, but also seriously endangered national security. She hoped the graduates would keep in mind that apart from maintaining the stability of Hong Kong, safeguarding the long-term stability of the country is the top priority of the work of the Force.
     She pointed out that the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law has played a significant role in maintaining social stability, and the National Security Department has successfully cracked down on many activities that seriously endanger national security through large-scale law enforcement operations. However, the national security situation facing Hong Kong remains precarious, she said, adding that those against the Central Authorities continue to use “soft resistance” means to disseminate seditious messages. She reminded the graduates that the risk of domestic terrorism cannot be ignored, and the chaotic situation similar to the riots in 2019 may appear again as external forces will do all they can to suppress our country and the HKSAR Government.
     Quoting the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China delivered by President Xi Jinping, Ms Lau stressed that the graduates must stay alert to threats and dangers, adopt bottom-line thinking and reinforce risk awareness. She hoped the graduates would maintain a sense of crisis in daily work, even though the society is relatively peaceful recently.
     While saying that a drop of water may be insignificant, Ms Lau opined that countless water droplets can converge into rivers and seas. She believed that the graduates could form a powerful force to safeguard national security as long as they unite as one and perform their respective duties. They can also make a contribution to the steady development of the country in the new era and to ensure the stability of people’s livelihood.
     Lastly, Ms Lau mentioned that she will end her 38-year police career next week. She thanked the Force for its cultivation and trust in her, as well as her colleagues for their support and love. She said that it is her lifelong honour to grow up with the Police Force.
     A total of 33 probationary inspectors and 123 recruit police constables passed out today.