Powerfully prolific, thanks to the gifts given to him by The Most High, Alex Jean is a groundbreaking new artist that has been dominating the charts throughout the faith-based community online over the past two years. From his original single released at the end of 2021, to his debut album, “Heavenly Emotions,” dropped in 2022, to pivotal cuts like “Right Over Wrong” that have racked up nearly two million hits, every step he’s made toward the spotlight has been a giant leap within his career, because Alex walks proudly side by side with God. Profoundly versatile and undeniably dynamic, AJ was born destined to fully change the game, and with the release of his brand new EP, “Kingdom Faith,” he’s doing that, 100%.

Representing hybrid vibes that combine Christian Rap/R&B/Hip-Hop with positive energy that is second to none, from the hooks to the bars, Alex reveals diversity in his sound that is truly unlike any other. In the short amount of time he’s been releasing his songs on a professional level, he’s already amassed an incredible following and loyal fan base of more than 200K monthly listeners at Spotify, and proven to be a verifiable force on the microphone that is completely capable of bringing his music into the mainstream, straight up to the very top spots on playlists all around the globe. Alex Jean’s “Kingdom Faith” EP is out and available at every major online platform now, guaranteed to take his music and His message straight to #1.

Find Out More About Alex Jean Online:

Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/5qSM9F3Ei58tG08tXrJjSi

Link to All Platforms: tr.ee/2NRuWx5tto

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Alex Jean

Alex Jean

Rising Artist in Christian Rap Space


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