New Crypto Bringing Real Estate To The Blockchain!

Seminole, FL, 26 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, A new cryptocurrency is about to launch with a breathtaking idea. Digital Real Estate will bring real estate investment to the blockchain. Owning DRE will earn you proportional monthly rewards from the rent collected by the properties owned under the company as well as token price appreciation.


There will be a total of 21,000,000 DRE ever produced with only 2,000,000 being sold in the ICO. After this only 250,000 will be released by the company every year to sell on the market, all funds raised will be used to purchase additional properties, thus creating greater monthly rewards.


Digital Real Estate is a custom token created on the new Etherlite blockchain. Utilizing this blockchain gives the company the ability to send the monthly parent payments to thousands of holders instantly and practically free! Etherlite has the ability to process over 10,000 TPS.

How will Digital Real Estate Grow?

While we will start small with 15-20 rental properties, growth will quickly take off. This will happen due to price appreciation, the greater the price of DRE the more that will be raised on a monthly basis to purchase more properties. On average around 20,000 company DRE will be unlocked monthly and it will be sold on the open market. All funds raised will be strictly used for new property acquisitions. Meaning the greater the price of DRE the more properties that will be purchased creating a greater monthly reward paid to the holders.

How will I get my monthly payment?

You will receive your proportional share of the monthly rent collected in ETL (Etherlite’s native token). This will be fully transferable to any supported currency on any exchange that supports Etherlite. You can also choose to convert your monthly reward back to DRE to maximize the amount you receive the following month.

Why choose DRE instead of purchasing rental property? 

There are many reasons you may want to choose DRE instead of purchasing your own rental properties. The most obvious reason is to participate in the token price appreciation. Other reasons include no property maintenance, don’t have to deal with the renters, no taxes, ability to sell at any time.

Their ICO website is currently under development and will be ready within the next ten days. Follow their telegram group for further updates:

Media details:

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P.O. Box 12774

Seminole, FL 33708

MobilityGuru bringing it all together online with one global platform to buy, sell products and list services for the physically impaired, elderly and the rehabilitation community.

London, United Kingdom, 3 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Globally, there is approximately a massive 12% of the population currently living with a mobility impairment.  To date, there is no easy one-stop online marketing service for those limited by a physical disability and in need to buy and sell new and second hand products. In the existing market, the product items for the disabled are often grouped under ‘Miscellaneous’; the market is fragmented and often requires extensive time to search for specific requirements.  For this reason, our site ‘MobilityGuru’  introduces a brilliant business solution to simplify the process with quick results for the needs of the individual.

In recent years, the demand for online marketing soared to new heights due to wide-reaching exposure, attracting buyers that would have been missed because of the limitations with that of print media.  We aim to create a commercial global arena that will maximize product availability; MobilityGuru will operate with modernised efficiency by means of integrating a transparent transactional system with the introduction of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.  MobilityGuru online will be the first of its kind to incorporate cryptocurrency to facilitate transactions by use of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and our own MobilityGuru Token which is based on the BEP-20 protocol. We will use smart contracts to facilitate online transactions for clients across the globe with fees at $0.15 for most transactions within our network, making business affordable.                                                                                                                                        

MobilityGuru’s flexible payment system by use of digital currencies, will avoid complex lengthy procedures by way of traditional fiat money transfers. The use of blockchain technology will protect customer’s data and the client from fraudulent activity. The platform is safe to conduct business because sellers only get paid when the buyers confirm their acceptance for the products or services. The platform will also offer arbitration support to buyers & sellers should a dispute occur between both parties.

Our rating system will operate as a guide to provide advance information about the content, to classify according to quality or merit of the product, to enable one to make an informed decision before purchase or selection of service. 

MobilityGuru Initial Exchange Offering and Token Information

MobilityGuru is running an IEO to fund the project and facilitate a worldwide market platform designed to develop project growth and inspire potential investors using Mobilityguru Tokens for this process. Because we have a ready market for our token there is value that can be used as part of our payment system. Money raised from the IEO will go directly into improving the website platform, continue growth in value and  developing new countries directories.

The website is not dependent on the token launch; we will continue regardless, as the Token is the means of payment and for the future growth of the platform.

The distribution of the tokens will be as follows:


MobilityGuru is a unique project because it delivers a solution to the problem we are currently experiencing within the business of the disabled, as in sourcing products and services for the needs of the individual. No longer does the world of the elderly, physically impaired or the rehabilitation sector of our community, have to live life without limits. MobilityGuru will also benefit some of the neediest people in the world via its website volume, giving exposure of products through charity.

The MobilityGuru Token has the low global gas fees starting from $0.15. It will be protected by blockchain technology offering safe and secure financial transactions via smart contracts and has become part of the inevitable future of commerce, that is about to explode into the operations of our economy. 

Please see details here and purchase GURU tokens at