Today, Hayner Distilling in Troy, Ohio, announced a new whiskey experience called Whiskey Webcam. The website features a livestream from inside a new whiskey barrel. The website’s purpose is to allow Whiskey Webcam subscribers the opportunity to watch their whiskey age live on the internet for up to 6 years.

Whiskey typically ages in a barrel for 4 to 6 years and Whiskey Webcam’s goal is to include that time in the whiskey experience. “If you think about it, that first sip of whiskey is actually the end of a journey that whiskey began 6 years ago. We want whiskey enthusiasts to experience the entire journey of their whiskey from barreling to bottling to that first sip,” said Greg Taylor, President of Hayner Distilling. “Our tagline is, it’s about time. It’s about time someone placed a webcam inside a whiskey barrel, and with whiskey, it’s all about time.”

Whiskey Webcam subscribers can login using any device to watch their livestream. In addition to watching their bourbon age, subscribers will receive a sample every year from their barrel to taste their whiskey throughout its journey.

“We want subscribers to be in total control of their whiskey. We let them decide when it is ready to bottle and they can decide the proof of their whiskey,” added Greg Taylor. The distillery also offers the opportunity to visit your barrel in person and even help bottle the whiskey you have watched for years on the internet. “Subscribers will have invested years in this one bottle of bourbon. Can you imagine the anticipation of taking that first sip after 6 years of watching your whiskey age? That’s the experience we are excited to offer,” said Greg Taylor.

Whiskey Webcam currently features two bourbon barrels owned by Hayner Distilling, with more coming online in 2023. The featured barrels were recently distilled by Bardstown Bourbon Company in Bardstown, Kentucky. To find out more about Whiskey Webcam, visit their website at

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