It is time to put a stop to the plastic Medicare card scam. News outlets and non-profit organizations have warned potential victims about it for many years, but it is still happening. Criminals commit fraud by duping people into revealing their personal information, such as Medicare, Social Security, and bank account numbers, under the guise of a new government-issued card. This nefarious activity affects innocent seniors, who can lose access to healthcare and other resources. Furthermore, it causes victims emotional distress, as they worry about compromised personal information being used for identity theft.

Although it is valuable to inform seniors about this scam, this falls short, especially now. Platinum Marketing & Design, Inc. (PMD) recently introduced the first and only Plastic Medicare Card®. The process for creating the card is very secure. They neither require nor ask for any private information from any customers. Customers enter their data directly onto their secure website. All entered information is encrypted while in motion and at rest, stored in a database resistant to unauthorized access, and deleted immediately after printing in-house (no third-party printing services). It is inconvenient to resubmit personal information for additional or replacement cards. However, it is a small price to pay for the peace of mind of knowing data are safe from mishaps and deliberate threats. They never store payment information on their servers. Clients will be directed to a secure checkout page when they are ready to purchase. Customers can then pay with their preferred credit, or debit card. Data privacy & security are taken very seriously at PMD. Multiple layers of protection are in place to guard against cyber attacks that could steal or expose customer data. Customer data will never be sold.

Benefits of the Plastic Medicare Card® include (1) no wear & tear like the government-issued paper cards and (2) the process used to create it is unlike what fraudsters use. Suppose everyone is made aware of their legitimate process. In that case, fraudsters will eventually abandon the plastic Medicare card scam forever because all cardholders will know that getting a plastic card doesn’t require revealing private information to anyone over the phone or via email – except when criminals are involved. If everyone used the Plastic Medicare Card®, they could greatly reduce or eliminate plastic card fraud altogether.

Platinum Marketing & Design, Inc. (PMD), has been one of the most reliable companies in the printing industry for 14+ years. PMD’s outstanding reputation is backed by the highest ratings, recognition, and recommendations from multiple trusted sources. They are an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have thousands of satisfied customers. Google Business Reviews currently show 100% five stars. The company was vetted and awarded a registered trademark for Plastic Medicare Card® by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO); the USPTO is meticulous, requiring a high level of scrutiny.

Platinum Marketing & Design, Inc.

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