On this global platform fostering entrepreneurship, Tilli Software brings its consortium of digital-next products – tilliCX, Nudge, and Monay – that can fuel the start-up ecosystem with simplified digital payment and cloud-communication systems across multiple industry verticals.

Tilli Software will be exhibiting at Booth #C5 where attendees and visitors can engage with the team of experts on tons of topics related to customer experience, event-based communication, preference management, merchant payment processing, digital payments, and much more. The slots can also be booked online for a zero-waiting discussion.

Conversing about the TiE Summit, Mr. Ali Saberi, CEO, Tilli Software, raved that, “Start-ups need a cohesive & supportive ecosystem to thrive and this event will facilitate the necessary connections, networking and collaborations that are needed to succeed in this fiercely competitive business landscape.”

Adding further to the discussion, Mr. Ali emphasized that, “For businesses, monetizing communication, presenting bills, facilitating collections, and providing a secure payment experience have become the life blood. Tilli is proud to provide Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Solutions along with a powerful event-based communication system for high-volume conversions of call-to-action notifications to businesses enabling them to meet their critical payment and communication needs.”

Tilli Software is also close to being a registered panelist in NPCI BBPS list of Technology Service Providers (TSP). This empanelment will break new ground for the organization to work closely with the billers as a Technology Partner and facilitate their on-boarding to the BBPS Billers’ Platform.

About Tilli Software

Tilli, based in Bethesda Maryland, is a Fintech company with global digital payment and cloud-based Communication Platform as Service (CPaaS) offerings.

Our suite of solutions includes TilliCX – An award-winning and branded cloud-enabled API UI/UX platform simplifying digital payments and customer communication; Nudge – An event-based communication, bill presentment and payment processing tool to help collect revenue, specializing in high-conversions of call-to-action challenges such as eBill enrolments, payments, payment agreements, program enrolments, and auto-pay enrolments; Monay – An omni-channel payment gateway, merchant processor, payment facilitator, and store-valued wallet (P2P, C2B, B2B, and B2C) with the ability to aggregate bills and payments allowing users to manage their finances.