While everyone is obsessed with their Instagram and social media accounts, the popularity of poetry is having a comeback. Did you know that the #poetry hashtag on Instagram has over 70.8 million posts? In this day and age where perfection, filters and highlight reels are the norm, People are desperately seeking truth and connection.

Black Heart Alchemi, the hub for British-born Australian author Nikki Rawnsley’s written work, today announced the launch of its debut book, Black Heart Words & Poems Volume One. The book will be available in paperback and eBook formats on November 4, 2022, around the world.

Rawnsley describes her book as “An inspired anthology from the edge of darkness, illuminated with a sprinkling of light” and “A healing journey through writing… written for those who have yearned for love, for those that have loved too deeply, and for those experiencing unrequited love.”

“Reading Nikki’s poems is like revisiting moments in your own life… from the depths of romantic despair to the joys, hopes, and yearnings that envelope all human beings,” says filmmaker and artist Carrie Rossow Boberg. “The consistent message that is woven throughout is love, self-love, platonic love, romantic love, and the love of nature. And a wee bit of that whimsical fantasy too! I admire the time she sets aside for the reader for personal reflection and meditation. Enjoy the journey of Black Heart Words & Poems.”

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