Vasant Vihar, one of Delhi’s posh localities, and Category A colony in terms of property tax is facing an acute water crisis. For the past three days, there has been a negligible water supply. Even before, the water supply has been minimal and barely enough for the residents to survive.

According to VVWA President, Mr. Gurpreet Singh Bindra, “We have just reviewed the water situation. Against a minimum requirement of 8 feet in the reservoir, we have 5.5 feet. There is no point in pumping this as it will lead us nowhere. It would be advisable to let the water collect in the night and review the position early morning at around 6.00 am. It pains us to take this decision, but tonight this is the best option. There is a failure on part of DJB and we have this effort to divert our water. A sad situation. Our apologies once again. Hopefully, tomorrow will be another day. We are going to ask DJB to organize special tankers tomorrow. MVV has one Tanker and that is neither here nor there.”

One resident, Mukund Ballani complained “No water yesterday and even today. The most unfortunate part is no water and we suffer but bills are raised. Today received a bill for 60000/-. Really shocked. Request help to get it resolved.

Another resident Seema Bahuguna lamented about the defective billing by the agency MVV. She claimed that the other colonies in other parts of Delhi pay a fraction of the amount for a better supply. She also urged approaching MCD for reclassification of the colony if it does not have the basic amenities.

The residents have been making a list of houses in the colony with no water for a long time. There are 28 houses on the list and it keeps growing.

Prof. Kapil Rampal, another resident of the colony attributed the water crisis to poor supply. He also urged everyone to save water and judiciously use the limited water supply.

The colony has also been trying for the past 4 years, to prevent the diversion of its allocated water to Janta Flats and slums. Despite, DJB’s explicit orders, there were certain individuals that were creating an illegal diversion, which was prevented with the help of police.

The Chief Minister of Delhi’s office has not commented on the issue, despite several attempts to contact them.