Yami Gautam to headline thought-provoking dramas

Yami Gautam has an exciting palette of characters with varied shades for the year ahead. From an intriguing psychological thriller to voicing socially relevant issues – the powerhouse performer will spark a conversation in society with her roles.

Looking at Yami Gautam’s calendar, one can see the actress will name the year to herself. If sources are anything to go by, we hear the star will break the mould with all her upcoming characters to kickstart a discussion in society.

A source revealed, “With Naina in A Thursday, a kindergarten teacher who takes kids as hostages, Yami Gautam will pose a few crucial questions in front of the audience. Similarly, LOST will deal with media integrity, and Dasvi will discuss the education system. OMG2 is another social drama with a voice.”

“Owing to her dignified persona and impeccable acting talent, filmmakers are choosing to mount thought-provoking films on Yami Gautam’s shoulders. The star has a variety of characters to offer, and she will definitely leave everyone surprised,” it further added.

Meanwhile, Yami Gautam is also working on Dinesh Vijan and Amar Kaushik’s untitled next with Sunny Kaushal and another project with RSVP Movies.

These companies are helping Indian Entrepreneurs set up businesses in the US seamlessly

India is one of the fastest growing economies and has given birth to some of the world’s most successful tech firms. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of Indian companies keen on setting up operations in the United States. As a result, the number of Indian-American founders in the US entrepreneurial ecosystem has increased. According to a Kauffman Foundation analysis, Indians are behind 33 percent of all immigrant-founded businesses in the United States – more than any other minority ethnicity combined. For Indian entrepreneurs looking to flourish in the United States, here is a list of companies that can assist them:

Firstbase.io is building the first all-in-one company OS for startups. It combines & integrates tools for launching, managing, and scaling a business online — all within the same platform. Its flagship product, ‘Firstbase Start’ is already used by over 10,000 founders and 7,000 companies in 180 countries. Firstbase is not just about helping founders launch companies – it is on a mission to improve the success rate for companies globally.

BusinessRocket is formed by Entrepreneurs, Attorneys, CPAs, Consultants, and Business Managers who came together to create a cost-effective and efficient business entity formation solution for start-ups. They have developed a compact system that eliminates the complexities associated with starting and operating a successful business. Their objective is to help inspired individuals everywhere bring their aspirations to the marketplace

Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size – from new startups to public companies – can use their powerful software to accept payments and manage their businesses online. By eliminating lengthy paperwork, legal complexity, and numerous fees, Stripe Atlas helps entrepreneurs launch their startups from anywhere in the world.

Hefty Art Brings MF Husain’s Paintings to Metaverse; Exclusive Partner for NFTs

An inspiration, icon, master, and the most prominent face of  Modern  Indian  Art  –  Maqbool Fida Husain has undoubtedly been one of the foremost figures in the  20th  and the 21st-century. Recognized as ‘The Barefoot Picasso’, his creativity manifested itself in numerous mediums     –     painting, sculpture, drawing, film, and writing to build a remarkable globally-acclaimed repertoire.

With an objective to enshrine his body of work for posterity, in a category-first move, Hefty Art, an initiative by Hindustan Talkies, a new-age media content company transforming entertainment across e-sports, games, and blockchain technology, Hungamaone of the largest digital media entertainment companies in South Asia, and Polygon –   the leading platform for     Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development have exclusively partnered with  The  Estate of  MF  Husain,  the official structure overseeing art made by  India’s best-known painter,  to bring his celebrated works via NFTs.  The association was kick-started via an all-explainer video featuring the artist Owais Husain, son of   MF   Husain announcing Hefty Art, as the official NFT partner for the first-ever NFT tokens of art by MF Husain.

As the legitimate owner of intellectual property rights of MF Husain, the organization, and Hefty Art will soon be announcing its first NFT of the artist’s art piece – Fury.  This much-awaited auction of true-blue collectibles would set in motion a   series of drops/collectibles by world-renowned artists who     would feature    in the     Hefty Art    Metaverse.    The partnership     with the     Estate of     MF     Husain fits seamlessly with   Hefty   Art’s vision   of    enhancing the    engagement quotient    for users as they purchase some of the most-high end artworks from renowned global artists.  Hefty Art aims to establish itself as the leading   curated   marketplace facilitating   the movement of all forms of art onto the blockchain.

Furthermore, Hefty by collaborating with eDAO, an entertainment and creator-focused eDAO, will support the growth of the Hefty Ecosystem enabling users to interact and engage with their favourite celebrities and artists. With more high-end creations in the pipeline, Hefty Art looks to highlight the richness and diversity of the art and culture worldwide.

Talking about the partnership, Neeraj Roy, Managing Director – Hungama, shared, “We are delighted to associate with the MF Husain Estate and carry forward the   legacy and artistic accomplishments of the legend in the digital realm.  Revolutionising how artists are seen today, NFTs represent a new horizon of possibilities to showcase their work  at  a  global scale like never before.”

Sharing his   thoughts   about   the   association, Ashish   Chowdhry   –   Co-Founder,   Hindustan Talkies, commented, “Deepa Pardasany and I take pride in amplifying the world of entertainment with its foray into gaming and now the blockchain. The transition into Web 3.0 has opened the floodgates to  a whole new world of excitement. With ideas and creations evolving, we expect their art to soar further.  For Hindustan Talkies, this association allows us to back new artists and take our vision across platforms and regions.”

Speaking about the association, Owais Husain – Representative, Estate of MF Husain, said, “My father, in his enduring and prolific career, had a pulse on innovation and what was to come next. As an artist, I am pleased and looking forward to introduce my father’s iconic artworks in a new avatar via NFTs on Hefty Art. Through the sweeping breadth of his paintbrush, Husain changed the face of modern art in India, thus taking his place in   history. Noticeably, I believe this move will have a similar effect as it positions itself to play an essential role in the transformation of art markets worldwide.”

After the recent announcement of Hefty Entertainment joining hands with T Series — Hefty Art is yet another vertical under the Hefty Metaverse set to define the future of entertainment.

JSW Paints launches Colours Of Victory range as a tribute to India’s passion for sports

JSW Paints, India’s leading environment-friendly paints company and part of the US$ 13 billion JSW Group, has launched a new range of shades called Colours of Victory. This is a tribute to various sports like Boxing, Javelin, Weight-Lifting, Wrestling, Hockey, and Badminton where India has been made proud. Each color range represents the colorful elements of these six sports and includes 4 sub-colors making it a holistic bouquet of 24 colorful portfolio. Through this new colorful range, JSW Paints celebrates the contribution of all Indian athletes who have won accolades for the country in international sports arena. JSW Paints began the roll-out of this range in India on India’s Republic Day.

Commenting on the launch of Colours of Victory, Mr. A S Sundaresan, Joint MD and CEO of JSW Paints said, “Through the launch of this exciting Colours of Victory range, we celebrate India’s passion for sports. We began the rollout of Colours of Victory on our Republic Day across India. We hope our customers will relate to our sentiments and efforts while selecting these unique colors for their homes. We are happy to extend the promise of Any Colour One Price to Colours of Victory range.”

About JSW Paints: JSW Paints, India’s environment-friendly paints company and part of the diversified US$ 13 billion JSW Group. JSW Group is India’s leading business group with interests in sectors such as steel, energy, infrastructure, cement, sports and venture capital. Launched in May 2019, JSW Paints aims to inspire consumers to Think Beautiful as beautiful thoughts make the world beautiful. It extends “Think beautiful” to every aspect of the way the Company conducts its business, right from offering environmental-friendly portfolio of water-based paints to its thoughtful disruption of “Any Colour One Price” aimed at bringing pricing transparency to paints . The JSW Paints Buddy is another such initiative wherein consumers are offered personal attention & assistance in colour and product selection. The company currently has two manufacturing units, an Industrial Coatings facility at Vasind in Maharashtra and Decorative Paints facility at Vijayanagar in Karnataka with a combined capacity of 150,000KL per annum. Within a short span of time, it has already become the largest Industrial Coil Coatings company in India. JSW Paints is endorsed by well-known Bollywood actors Ayushmann Khurana and Alia Bhatt.

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