PPod Manufacturing is taking an amazing existing product and planning to make significant improvements to the overall design. The P-Pod is a revolutionary new way to store, transport and service portable toilets. They have designed a product so elegant that it is artistic to look at but most importantly incredibly efficient. The P-Pod can fold itself in half and be stacked one upon the other allowing the Portable Restroom Operators (PRO) to fit 3 in the same space that 1 traditional portable toilet would occupy. The P-Pod is a collapsible version of the traditional portable restroom that folds down to 36 inches high, which can be tossed easily into the back of a small pickup truck or a regular old minivan. This feature also helps during commercial transportation as many more units can be delivered in the same amount of cargo space. P-Pod also offers a removable tank and multiple tank configurations. The biggest news is that when production moves the P-Pod will be made from 100% recycled plastic a first for the Portable Restroom Industry.

PPod MFG will also be providing injection molding services on its new 3300-ton press that is the largest in the Mountain region. This will benefit other local companies that have had to source their large production needs in other areas (mainly the Midwest). This machine and facility will be more than two times larger than any other existing equipment in operation in Colorado today. The new facility and equipment will represent a significant investment of millions of dollars and provide new jobs to the rural Elbert County community.

PPod Manufacturing believes that companies can work together to change the Portable Sanitation industry and Injection Molding industry for the better and that everyone can benefit from that while improving profitability and sustainability. We are committed to providing green solutions and a circular product from start to finish. PPodMFG.com

P-Pod Inc. created an amazing idea brought to them by a customer on how to improve the design of portable restrooms. Six years after starting on this journey, they agree it is now time to pass the baton of development and commercialization on to the new owner.