In her book, “11 11: The Awakening Code,” author Christine Nieto describes how she began looking for answers to a sequence of unexplained coincidences that began following her son’s death on November 11, 2002. She began to notice seeing 11 11 every time she glanced at the clock or anything that featured numbers after her son died. She, along with other close members of her family had similar experiences. She later discovered that this event involves a large number of people and this phenomenon is referred to as The Awakening Code.


The book delves into a plethora of interesting topics. Christine expresses her ideas and opinions regarding today’s society which encourages readers to awaken their minds and bodies and to not become sheep blindly following the status quo. If you are into conspiracy theories like aliens, secret societies, and new wave thoughts of how you consume energy, then you would find this book intriguing. She also bravely touches upon political topics such as socialism, war, farming, legalization of pot, and secret societies.


Some of the views expressed are more idealistic rather than evidence based. Some are based on science. But they are genuine interesting and provide justification for supporting her theory regarding the 11 11 Awakening Code and its meaning and message to the world. Christine explains that the code contains a universal message on how to obtain a much needed new paradigm, of peace on earth, a utopian existence that is possible if the code is understood and utilized, by a critical mass of individuals. The book explains how this can be done.


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11 11: The Awakening Code

Author: Christine Nieto

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Publication Date: December 2021

Genre: Conspiracy and Spiritual

Target Audience: Anybody who is wondering about 11 11.


About the Author

Christine Nieto is a licensed massage therapist, an energy worker and uses reiki and reflexology to help with the healing process. She incorporates crystals in her treatments. She also makes use of the pendulum. She explains how the pendulum is used as a tool, the same way a Diviner uses divining rods to find water. Both the rods and the pendulum are used to access knowledge. In the ease of the water Witcher, rods are used to find water. In the case of the pendulum, she uses it to find problem areas that need to be addressed, with regards to health. However they are both based on the same principal. She believes both tap into the universal mind.

Reiki is an ancient form of Japanese energy work. The Hispanic term for and energy worker is “curandera.” Every culture has its natural healers. She has a background in the medical field and an associate of applied science degree. She has meditated for several years and believes that meditation has enhanced her healing abilities. She also believes that meditation has been instrumental in helping her to unravel the Awakening Code.