Dance brings expression, connection, and hope, which we require today more than ever while we are cooped up in our homes due to the third wave of Covid-19. Ucanji gave that connection a new meaning by bringing thousands of people together closer than ever before. The leading online skill learning platform organised India’s biggest virtual dance festival called ‘Ucanji Dance Marathon’ on the occasion of its first anniversary. This three-hour dance extravaganza featured back-to-back five illustrative dance sessions curated by five incredibly skilled choreographers. The five dance forms taught during the dance marathon were Bollywood, Bhangra, Kathak, Hip Hop, and an Instagram fad. Over 10,000 people participated in the live dance marathon, with major participation of students from more than twenty reputed schools all over the country and the corporates as well. The marathon was live-streamed on all social media channels, as well as on and YouTube.

The registration for the dance marathon was free for all the participants to make this platform accessible for all. The event was enjoyed by people of all age groups. The attendees were also given the opportunity to win certificates, enticing vouchers and cash prizes worth Rs 25000. The virtual marathon was hosted by the very talented and entertaining Siddharth Kannan. He is a famous Indian television and radio host, announcer, voice-over actor and film critic. The dance extravaganza was capped off with a musical treat by singer Salman Elahi, whose song “pahado mein” went viral on Instagram reels. His tracks resonate well with the netizens.

Overwhelmed with the response, Divanshi Gupta, Founder and CEO, Ucanji said, “The adventures of Ucanji began with a dream that we saw a year ago. We started Ucanji with a vision to make skill learning accessible and available to all so that even the remotest of students could get access to the best teachers across the globe. The goal is to reach millions of more families and we are actively moving towards that goal.” “I would like to thank each and every user, artist, our dedicated Ucanji team and everyone that helped to make this dream a reality, she stated.”

Ucanji has boarded more than 400,000+ users and 20+ well-known schools. Ucanji plans to create India’s largest extracurricular learning platform that aligns with India’s New Education Policy 2020, which makes vocational education compulsory for a student’s overall development. The goal is to make extracurricular learning available to all kids to build confidence to believe in their dreams.

The online dance marathon was a huge success, with folks sharing the same passion for dancing, coming together to have a wonderful experience, making memories, and having the best time of their lives.

About Ucanji

Ucanji is a leading online dance skill learning platform with the mission to make dance accessible to everyone by offering affordable and convenient dance lessons. A platform to learn dance in the comfort of their own homes, with over 12+ distinct dance styles and hundreds of videos on a variety of dance forms, all under the guidance of qualified dance instructors. When it comes to the platform, users can learn at their own pace thanks to speed control, limitless dance lessons, and ease of learning with the help of a mirror screen. Users can also see themselves while dancing and learning from Ucanji. Dance a minute, dance-o-fit dance classes to teach dance while keeping you fit. Ucanji offers unlimited dance learning with curated dance courses and choreography tutorials as a one-stop solution platform that helps develop dance skills anytime, anywhere.